07 September 2010

Supernatural S5 & Smallville S9 DVD Release

September is crazy! Work is crazy and I am working like a machine. But there are a few great things to look forward to in September. The DVD of Supernatural season 5 and Smallville season 9 have been released today. I know Amazon won't let me down! They will be here before I know it!

I am thinking of trending #SuperVille on Twitter to celebrate the return of both shows. This is THE BEST line-up on TV. OMG. I don't live in the USA, but I am so excited about this Friday night line-up!

Do you remember this? Back in 2006, the CW did a promo for the Super-Thursday with Smallville and Supernatural. I LOVE THIS PROMO! I hope the CW will do a new one for this fall's Friday line-up! Don't forget to watch Smallville and Supernatural on Friday 24 Sept.

The CW promo for Smallville and Supernatural back in 2006

I have also started watching
Chuck. Finally. It's a good show. People who have watched it, like it. It's one of those shows, fans' opinions are unanimous. I have season 1 and 2. I have just ordered season 3.

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