08 June 2009

Update: Portal Awards 2009 - Supernatural fans, why should you care?

Airlock Alpha released an update on the 2009 Portal Awards. Here is the Long List. Each category will have 5 nominees, based on how the nominating committee selected and ranked each one.

Supernatural fans, why should you care? Well, because Supernatural is listed here in a number of categories, including Best Series, Best Actors (Jensen and Jared), Best Supporting Actors (Jim Beaver and Misha Collins), Best Supporting Actress (Genevieve Cortese), Best Episode (Lucifer Rising & Monster at the End of the Book) and Best Website (Supernatural.TV & SuperWiki). Jensen Ackles also is listed as one of the contestants for his lead role in My Bloody Valentine, which is also listed as a contestant for Best Movie.

While this is NOT the final list, I will be surprised if Supernatural doesn't get shortlisted in some of the above categories.

Nominees will be announced on June 15. Voting begins June 25, where readers can vote once per day for 30 days at AirlockAlpha.com

For details, go to AirlockAlpha.

Go! Team Supernatural!


  1. I am ADDICTED to Supernatural and Jensen. I have loved him forever. I watched him on Days of our lives, then Dark Angel and then Supernatural, he is so awesome!

    I am just praying the creator doesn't stick with this moronic 5 year plan, I need many more years of Sam and Dean!!

  2. Yup, I can never get enough of Supernatural..


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