13 June 2009

Supernatural Season 5: Hardly a spoiler

Casting call for Lucifer:

"30s – 40s, male. This is the devil – he is soft-spoken, strangely sympathetic, more vulnerable than evil and should have piercing eyes. This is an amazing role that will be heavily recurring...HEAVILY RECURRING GUEST STAR

Source: SpoilerTV

I don't have a preference but I think someone like Michael Rosenbaum could be good. Can you imagine if Misha Collins is cast as Lucifer for Season 5. I think he can so nail that role too! But I love Misha as Castiel

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  1. Maybe Misha has to play two characters in season 5 Lol In front of Sam and Dean he's still Castiel but he has a new secret identity as well. LUCIFER! LOL


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