11 June 2009

Filming schedule for Supernatural; Stargate Universe

The filming schedules for some of my favorite shows on TV are listed on the British Columbia Film Commission website. These shows are of course filmed in Vancouver.

Stargate Universe
Feb 11, 2009 - Oct 23, 2009

Jul 01, 2009 - Mar 29, 2010


While we are on the subject of Stargate, the new Stargate Atlantis movie is called Extinction. Executive Producer Joseph Mallozzi published a post and photo on his blog. And by the way, Mallozzi's blog is amazing! Probably one of the best blogs I visit. Talking about Mallozzi, he is not on Twitter, but his dogs are!

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  1. Do you have more details about where specifically supernatural is set to be filming around February 24-March 2nd because I am heading out to Vancouver and I would love the chance to see the cast and crew working!


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