08 June 2009

Who Should Play Bilbo Baggins?

Any Tolkien fans here? I love Lord of the Rings, I love the story and the fact that it was filmed in New Zealand by Peter Jackson. And I am glad I finished reading all the books first before I got into the films. I had the Fellowship of the Ring for about 3 years before I finally finished reading it. It was very hard for me to read it and understand it. But when I did finally finish reading it, I couldn't wait to get the other two books. It took me just under 2 months to finish reading the Two Towers and the Return of the King.

I still haven't read The Hobbit, but I will. As for the movie, I won't get too excited about it until I get info on this. Who should play Bilbo Baggins? Total Film has nominated a few. My picks are Ewan McGregor and John McAvoy. I think Bilbo has to be played by an non-American actor. I don't know where they are shooting it, but it would be super awesome for the filming to take place in New Zealand once again.

Your thoughts?


  1. AnonymousJune 09, 2009

    James McAvoy would definitely be a good choice. McGregor is probably more the age Bilbo should be, but I think a lesser-known actor could bring more to the role. Does he really need ANOTHER hit franchise to be a part of ?

    If Dominic Monaghan had not played Merry in the films, I think I would like to see him as Bilbo, also. It would take more thought than I have given it to come up with any other names.

    It took me quite awhile to finish Fellowship, too. My bookmark was in the first chapter for months. The Old Gaffer drove me insane. Then, it seemed, the chapter on the Council of Elrond lasted years. But, that's just Tolkien.

  2. LOL.. I think I share the same reading experience with you.

    Dominic Monaghan would've been an awesome choice, now that you mentioned it.


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