01 June 2009

Asylum 2009 - My Twitter experience

My life would suck without Twitter.

I couldn't attend the Asylum in the UK, but I was living it through Twitter. All thanks for those who tweeted over the weekend. I
favorited a few trending topics such as #asylm and #asylum. I met a few good Tweeple, I tried to make conversations with Tweeple who were actually there. It was great. At one stage, I actually stayed up for the panel and kept refreshing my page. #asylm became a trending topic on a few occasions. On Sunday, I couldn't get onto Twitter via web or iPhone. Oh we were so crashing Twitter. Forget about Susan Boyle, Supernatural fandom rocks.

I joined Twitter a week before the Australian Convention in Sydney in April (and it's been almost 2 months), so that I can share my experience with other fans who couldn't be there (especially my friend who lives in the middle of nowhere in Australia). Twittering from the Convention was so much fun and it was a joy to share what I saw via Twitter and TwicPic.

Before joining Twitter, I was happy to wait until fans blog about their experience. I was happy to wait for a few days to read reports from fan's websites or watch the highlights on YouTube.
But now thanks to Twitter, I don't have to wait, I get live feed via Twitter.

Since I joined Twitter, I have 1,025 tweets already. Holy shit! That's an average of about 21 tweets a day. What have I tweeted? I hope I am tweeting something interesting and I hope my followers don't find it boring!

I am catching up with all the Asylum reports. Here is my favourite one so far. Source.

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  1. hehehe, i woz on twitter most of sunday afternoon. it woz insane!!! i woz stuck on the #asylm part and it woz updating so fast i would get to the end of a page and there'd be like 120 new tweetz waiting for me to refresh!!!


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