22 May 2009

Supernatural Season 5 may not be the last - what do you think?

There are some discussions and news about Supernatural Season 5 may not be its last season.

Fans know that Eric Kripke always has a five year plan with Supernatural. I'd be so lost with Supernatural, but Season 6 has BIG shoes to fill and my expectation would be sky high. If there is a Season 6, oh God I wish Eric Kripke would stay as the show runner. Because if he does, I am sure Jensen and Jared would stay as well. My view is that, as long as the creative team remains intact; as long as the story and characters continue to grow; and as long as Eric Kripke stays, I am all for it. If not, I'll still watch and support the show even though the apocalypse is upon us, but like I say Season 6 has BIG shoes to fill.

I would love to see a Supernatural movie on the big screen (in 3D!!) or a spin-off on Samuel Colt (there was talk about it long time ago).

CW's boss Dawn Ostroff hasn't been a fan of Supernatural, the show hasn't been getting the attention it deserves from the network. And now, she is saying that she hopes the show can go beyond Season 5. TV Guide

What do you think about it?

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  1. A sixth season seems unlikely, especially after how season 4 ended. Season 4 was clearly building up to a BIG season, final season big. And lets face it, Lucifer? The Light Bringer? The god of all that is evil? What could they possibly battle after that? After him there is nothing bigger and badder to fight, unless they fight God himself... which seems unlikely. And if they were to go back to fighting hells minions... well that would be boring, clearly they can beat anything by this point, fighting anything else would just be a downgrade to the series and its plot.


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