17 May 2009

Afterthoughts: Supernatural Season 4 Finale

*Spoilers beware*
One chapter ends, another begins.

Lucifer Rising is unique from other Supernatural finales. Darker than All Hell Break Loose but not as tragic as No Rest for the Wicked.
This finale has a huge cast, apart from Jensen and Jared, almost the entire guest cast was there and played their part extremely well: Bobby, Castiel (now a regular), Zachariah, Chuck, Ruby, Lilith, Azazel, cheeseburgers and the boost. The only one missing was the Impala.

The so-called brother dynamic was interrupted heavily by certain events and individuals through out Season 4. There was much disagreement, confusion and fighting between Dean and Sam, however the finale ended with the core value of the show - the brothers are together again. Despite the fact that Dean is the chosen one to stop Lucifer, I suspect the brothers will defeat Lucifer together in the good old fashion way - the Winchester way. They will deal with situations with their own judgment and research, and they know
that in the darkest hours, families still matter the most. I think the bro-mance will return in Season 5.

The finale was written and directed by Eric Kripke. It was the first time Kripke returned to the director's chair since What is and what should never be. He didn't disappoint. No. Kripke doesn't do disappointment, he does surprises. He likes to kill things off than dragging it. For example he killed off Azazel, the Roadhouse and the psychic kids in Season 2. In Lucifer Rising, he ended the plot line involving Lilith and Ruby because they have served their purpose. A new chapter begins with the rise of Lucifer. Season 5 is much anticipated already.

We saw a very conflicted Sam in this episode. He was having a second thought about his Lilith killing mission right from the beginning of the episode. Perhaps perhaps perhaps! Perhaps Dean was right about Ruby the whole time (and he was!). Perhaps he shouldn't let the nurse go. Perhaps he should've opened the door for Dean when he was banging the door and screaming for Sam not to do it. A phone call from his big brother could've made a huge difference but the witch has an evil idea. It was all too late when he killed Lilith and Ruby revealed everything about her mission and her loyalty.

This episode might not be the episode for Jensen and Jared to shine, but there isn't a dull moment in this finale, kudos to the great acting of the entire cast including the guest stars. Bobby kicked ass once again, he continued to play a father role to the boys. If the conversation between him and Dean did not take place, I think Dean would've given up on Sammy for good as he planned to. This caused Dean to change his mind quickly and called Castiel for help when he was in the Green Room.

I cannot think of an actor who could play Castiel better than Misha Collins. Misha Collins for the win! Misha once again shines in this episode. Kurt Fuller deserves a good share of the credit for the way he plays Zachariah, who is like a character from 24, he is someone who just wants to go to war, he thinks casualties are necessarily. I am happy to see the prophet Chuck, who I think will continue to play a part in Season 5, I mean, come on! Nobody can touch the prophet.

While I enjoyed everyone's performance, I can't help but wish Katie Cassidy was still here to play Ruby. I can see Genevieve Cortese was giving her best effort in the last scene when Ruby's motive was revealed, but her performance was still under. I know Katie Cassidy could have played this much better. I could see Katie there delivering the lines.

A few random thoughts came to mind:

Theory about Dean and his destiny
There is still much we don't know about Dean's destiny. According to the bible, Lucifer was defeated by the Archangel Michael and was cast down from heaven to the earth where he became known as Satan. So for all we know, Michael was the one defeated Lucifer. Could there be a link between Dean and Michael (literally or symbolic)? Why is Dean the chosen one? Why is Dean destined to stop Lucifer? If Castiel didn't help Dean to escape, how would Zachariah's plan play out?

Theory about Ruby's knife
(This is a little minor obsession of mine, I really want to know the origin of the knife!)
Perhaps it was a weapon used by Lucifer when he was an angel. When he was imprisoned, it was separated from him. Somehow, Ruby found it. And I want to see the Colt again!

Best quote of the finale
"Do you know what's real? People, families.. that's real." Dean.

I am more obsessed with this finale than any others. I couldn't re-watch No Rest for the Wicked for awhile, because I didn't want to see Dean being the slashed again and again. It was a very painful hiatus. But this time, I watched the season 4 finale at least 4 times now (aiming for 66 times), I love every minute of it. Although I do feel that it was very reserved in a way, but it's a good thing, because it keeps us wanting for more. This finale sets up a great direction for season 5. Bring it!


  1. AnonymousMay 18, 2009

    i am gcs_riot_gurl from twitter.....awsum post but i hate to disagree with u on the part thht says 'Although I do feel that it was very reserved in a way, but it's a good thing, because it keeps us wanting for more. ' I LITERALLY CANT WAIT...ITS ALMOST HURTING ME TO WAIT FOR NEXT SEASON....PAIN,ADDICTION, DEPRAVATION AND DESPERATION IS NOT A GOOD THING! lol

  2. LOL.. Hiatus is awfully painful!!

  3. Agree with you guys about the hiatus, lol.

    Btw about your "Dean and his Destiny" part...

    Archangel Michael and Archangel Lucifer are brothers! (I don't think he's gonna be called "Satan" in this series, because the name's one-sided, it never mentioned 'the devil', just "Lucifer". It might even be the unchanged Archangel that's being freed from imprisonment)

    =D So yeah, they're brothers, just like Sam and Dean. The rest really should be self-explanatory. Notice how the relationship between Sam and Dean in Season 4 was very 'Heaven and Hell'-like, how Dean (generally thought of as the badass) seems to side with Castiel and the Angels, and Sam veers more towards Hell with his trust of Ruby and his demon-blood powers. Dean and Sam eventually fight each other in "When The Levee Breaks".

    You know what I think? There's gonna be two pairs of brothers in Season 5: Sam and Dean, with the new pair Lucifer and Michael. This would make sense as to why this sorta 'heaven' and 'angels' stuff was thrown into the series. Sam and Dean somehow see themselves in the fact that Michael and Lucifer fight each other, with their FATHER who seems to be somewhere far away (ring any bells??).=P

  4. AnonymousJuly 08, 2009

    doesnt dean have to stop it all because he broke the first seal?
    i thought alistair explained that to him in the ep where sam destroys alistair, then castiel confirm it.... (sorry i cant remeber name or number)


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