04 May 2009

Afterthoughts: The Rapture

How awesome was The Rapture? If Meg (from Season 1) puts demons on the map of Supernatural, then Castiel does exactly that for the angels.

The Rapture
was a Castiel/ Jimmy centric episode. Misha Collins gets his own episode (so to speak) and it serves 2 purposes. From the story point of view, Castiel is an important character and he is part of the mythology. We've seen demons a lot, and we are beginning to see more angels. We know some demons used to be humans, but we know little about how angels become angels (we still don't know), but at least the show is starting to explain how human vessels are chosen and we saw the process of it from Jimmy's point of view. From a popularity/ fan's point of view, we have accepted Misha/ Castiel as an integral part of the cast and the producers recognised Castiel/ Misha's contribution, so this Castiel episode didn't come as a surprise. In fact, it came at the right time.

This episode raised a lot of questions, but I am sure they will be answered! Castiel came to Dean in his dream where Dean was fishing (ha!). Castiel was going to tell Dean something, but we didn't find out what because Castiel wasn't able to tell. I wonder what it was that Castiel wanted to tell Dean. Who was Castiel fighting in that warehouse? Who put the angel proofing scripts on the wall?

I think what we've seen from On the Head of the Pin and The Rapture will play a part of where the show will go. We see demons possessing humans as their vessels a lot on the show. But we have only met 4 angels on the show so far - Castiel, Anna, Zachariah and Uriel. To fight this war, to face the apocalypse, I expect to see more angels and they need vessels. Which angels will we next see? Will we meet an archangel? I hope so. Are there more humans who's like Jimmy? People with special ability to hear angels talking? I assume so. We know Anna was a fallen angel and I wonder how many more there are. How many more angels were converted by Uriel? Remember he was trying to convince other angels to bring the apocalypse and release Lucifer. Similar questions were asked on my previous blog post on On the Head of a Pin.

Did anyone feel that Anna's appearance was somewhat pointless? Don't get me wrong, I just can't figure out why she was there. Do you think there is more to Anna's character? Is she just a fugitive? Or is she trying to help and fight? What is the purpose of her character?

The Rapture feels a bit like the beginning of the finale. If you've seen this episode, you would've seen the preview of the next 2 episodes. How fudging awesome is the preview?! I am more excited to see this season finale than any other Supernatural finale in the past. This is IT! I can't even describe it! I am just very excited. This is like LOTR, StarWars epic!

To close the night, here is another great interview by Cynthia, this time she spoke with Misha Collins. Click here.


  1. ayu aka hazelgreenluvMay 06, 2009

    What you written is very interesting. I hope we'll see archangel, too.
    As for Anna, agree with you, though I bacecally like her. Her appearance in this ep was kind of random, haha.

    I really hope all the mysteries will be solved beautifully in the next 2 episodes. I'm very excited too!

  2. What you written → what you wrote


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