25 April 2009

Update on the Convention DVD - you still have time to tell me why I should love you....

To all my Twitter followers, the organizers of the AHBL Supernatural Convention has posted an update on the website about the Convention DVD.

"Event DVDs will be available in TWO WEEKS from the event weekend. You will be able to order these through the CURRENTLY INCOMPLETE Hub Shop." Source

Fans should be able to order the DVD from the first week of May. Not sure when the order will arrive and I don't think it's restricted to Australian fans only (but then again, I am not sure.). But that doesn't matter, because TWO of my Twitter followers will receive a copy each. Just tell me why I should love you and send you the DVD for free in 66 characters via Twitter. Winners will be announced on May 4th 2009 (Sydney time.)

Why Australian time and why May 4th you might ask? It's because all new episodes of Supernatural will return to Channel Ten in Australia on May 4th. So on such special and supernatural occasion, winners shall be announced.

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  1. I'm on twitter, but I don't understand it yet... help would be greatful...
    livndeadgirl666 on twitter
    or yahoo.com mail (USA)

  2. Hi - I think I found you on Twitter.. you are following and I am following you.. let me know if my Tweet helps. Cheers =)

  3. hi there,

    i'd really love a chance to win the dvd from you, you're very generous for doing this. but i've got a question... is this open to aussies only, or will you ship to anywhere? thought i'd ask first before i added you on twitter.

    btw, thank you so much for your con reports, pics, and videos. i enjoyed them immensely!

  4. Hi tricia4brad - it's open to everyone from anywhere in the world. Good luck! Thanks for your visit =)

  5. cool - thanks for the reply. i guess you'll see me on twitter soon :)

  6. Found you on Twitter, and your blog from there. Great stuff! Love how the show, and they guys, have such a great fanbase and following.

  7. Hey Wolfquilter - thanks for the messaging! Nice to meet ya!


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