19 April 2009

AHBL Supernatural Aus Convention 2009: post con stuff

I can't believe it's over! Jensen, Jared and Misha were AWESOME! That's all I can say! It was a really great event and great to see the MEN on stage having fun. Here is how I am going to do this.

I have uploaded some photos from the individual panels: Misha, Jared, Jensen. Here are the links:


Because I've used up my limit on Flickr, photos from the J2 panel and the auction will be posted on this blog within this week. There are also a few more photos from the Jensen panel which will be posted here.

There are also some photos on Twitpic.. not the best quality, but oh well, here we go anyway. Click here.

There will be a few videos. I will post them on my YouTube channel. Videos take time, so please be patient. But I will aim to get them live as soon as possible.. like within this week.

I will also post some of my after-thoughts on my blog. This will come through out this week. No recap of questions by questions. I am sure you can find them on SuperWiKi or other blogs.

My dear Twitter followers! Hi! OK.. So I am feeling generous as you know. AHBL organisers will produce a DVD of the Convention. I've put in an order of 3 DVDs. One for me and two will go to two of my Twitter followers.

Tweet me why I should love you and send you the DVD for free in 66 characters (or something like that). As soon as AHBL organisers have any new details, I'll let you know.

I will announce it on Monday May 4th who the lucky followers are. Why May 4th? Because that's when Supernatural returns to Australian TV! So in honor of that, I'll announce the lucky winners that night (Sydney time)!

I will only send standard post to keep the shipping cost down, hope that's ok with you.

You can follow me on Twitter.

OK.. That's all for now. Thank you good people! Post any of your comments here or via Twitter!


  1. Awesome photos! Great quality. Hehe, I see you have a few more Jensen than the others <3 All three boys are so beautiful. Can't wait to see the videos you upload and thanks for all your twitter comments about the con for us all to live obsessively through haha. Seriously awesome of you to give away TWO dvds, someone must be rich right now lol

    Here's to hoping they come back for another convention some time! And dude, May 4th is a freakin rocking date =D

  2. you're wonderful to share these with us! thank you so much!

  3. Hey. I just started using twitter, and I wasn't sure if I did it write. I just put @tiny_winchester and typed why I wanted to win the DVD. Did you get it? My username is lindsayface47.

  4. Hey! I too was at the convention but the photos I took sucked so it was great to see yours as they were alot clearer, Thanks!!! Sad to see you didn't get photos of Jared throwing candy in the crowd, or being seeingly butt raped by misha while he was signing his shirt. But still, all is good!

  5. spn_is_love:
    I was going to get more than one copies anyway for my friends as bday present, but we can share. I realise many other fans can't be there, so.. hehe =)

    You are welcome =)

    Yes I see you on Twitter. Thanks =)

    Re: Jared butt raped by misha - YOU WILL SEE THAT ON MY VIDEO. Stay turned! Things that good must be shared!! =)

    Thanks all hehe


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