22 April 2009

AHBL Supernatural Aus Convention 2009: Photos & videos from the Auction (Jensen, Jared and Misha)

This is my favorite part of the entire convention!

I love the Auction. It was the highlight for me. It's interesting because the 3 boys (I mean MEN*) don't get to be in the same scene a lot, Jensen and Misha have a lot of scenes together in comparison to Jared and Misha. So it was really good to see all 3 of them together on stage having fun and joking around. Totally unpretentious. Great stuff.

*Fans sometimes said "Hi Boys.", and they will be like "MEN.. we are MEN."

I kinda expect to see the great chemistry between
Jensen and Jared, but seeing them live on stage was something totally awesome. Not only that, Misha was great fun too!! He made a surprise appearance on stage to help out on the charity auction (the charity is the Starlight Children's Foundation Australia). I wish I could to re-live that session again.

Misha actually quietly entered the auditorium and stood near the door where my seat was. I didn't know until a few people started taking photos. He was great! Just smiled and just stood quietly listening to the J2 panel. He also laughed a bit whenever J2 said something funny. Jared was throwing lollies around and I think Jared saw Misha by the door, so he threw it really far and Misha threw back. But I am not sure how many people saw Misha did that as it happened very quick.

Misha gatecrashed the J2 panel.

Misha was given a chair by the MC, but Jensen and Jared sat in front of Misha and tried to hide him.. It was funny!

So anyway, Jensen and Jared were given a plain white t-shirt each to draw on. Audience to place their bid while they drew on the t-shirt. Misha was providing some commentary.

They didn't draw a picture but they wrote some stuff on the t-shirt. Jensen has 'I am with Stupid' (with an arrow pointing to Jared and Misha), but then Misha moved away, leaving Jared there! Jared has "I gave $____ to charity." (The dollar amount was added by Jared when the final bid was in).

Jared asked Misha to sign the t-shirt, and.. there was.. arh.. some interesting.. humm... 'action' on stage!! Here we go, see it yourself! This is also most part of the auction, including a message from

Also, this is weird.. but I just found out some rankings have been posted on my YouTube Channel. Thanks y'all for viewing =) Supernatural fandom rocks! I do this for y'all, especially those who couldn't be there. I know the feeling, so when I can do this, I'll do it for y'all. Of course, it's all about the hot content of the videos. Thanks again!!

#12 - Most Viewed (Today) - Australia
#1 - Most Viewed (Today) - Directors - Australia
#76 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Australia
#13 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Directors - Australia

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  1. Thanks so much for this! I'm in NZ and would've loved to have gone to the con - but have been living vicariously through you lucky peeps! Awesome pics and vids - greatly appreciated :)

  2. Thanks Amanda - May be next time you can come to Aus. I am praying they will come again next year, considering it's the final season of the show. I am going to be so so sad.


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