04 April 2009

My thoughts after watching 4:18 - The Winchester Gospel

Awesomeness doesn't come any more awesome than the Winchester Gospel. I've been watching the show religiously, but I have no idea I have been watching a work in progress Gospel. The Monster at the End of the Book was such a clever and entertaining episode. Kudos to the writer of the episode Julie Siege. But why did they make Dean and Sam look like Fabio on the book cover?!

Based on the promo and episode description, I thought this would be another comedic filler episode. I was wrong, but I've never been so happy for being wrong!

Meet Chuck the Prophet

A modern prophet, Chuck Shurley is 100% ghost-proof!

I thought Chuck was just some random dude with psyche power or the trickster was the one behind this 'joke'. But instead, it was revealed that Chuck was a prophet, his work would one day be known as the Gospel of the Winchester. Chuck is protected by an archangel. Mess with Chuck and you go bye bye.

I have the same reaction as Dean and Chuck when Castiel said Chuck's work will be known as the Gospel of the Winchester.. YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING?! But thanks to Misha Collins' top notch performance and excellence delivery of his line "No, I am not kidding you." I am convinced that this is not a joke, I repeat this is not a joke. GENIUS IDEA!!

I like the construction of Chuck's character. He is a writer, he is in his PJ more than in jeans, beer and whisky are part of his writing process. Dean thinks he looks like a guy who writes for the Penthouse forum than a prophet.
But imagine how a prophet looked in the old days or how they dressed or what they did for a living and imagine Chuck dressed in robes and wore sandels with longer beard. It's interesting when Castiel said to Dean 'you should see Luke', he probably looked worst. It almost feels like this is some sort of inside joke between the angels. I don't remember seeing any TV dramas or movies that make such references in the way Supernatural does. If you know, please let me know.

Castiel is unsure how a prophet was chosen but
according to this website, "God's prophets did not live easy lives. Most were persecuted, ridiculed, often living in grave danger for their lives, and nearly all were ignored.." I guess that's exactly who Chuck is, he might not be important to people now, but what he has written and what he is about to write will become something so much more important... THE GOSPEL OF THE WINCHESTER.

I thought Rob Benedict was a great choice to play Chuck. If he didn't get this right, it will look silly. I mean he was actually quite funny in a way that he was clearly freaking out about what was happening to him. That was really enjoyable to watch. But he was more serious when he was talking to Sam in the motel room about his behaviour and
drinking demon blood, Chuck said to Sam that he's got to know this is wrong. If this is about saving his brother Dean, sure go ahead. But if it is about being strong and being in control, this is bad. I still struggle to read Sam sometimes, what's on his mind?

I think apart from the angels and demons, Chuck is the only human being who knows everything about the Winchesters, he knows the details about their life, their pain and how the boys feel about each other even when they are not clear about that sometimes. Chuck may not write eveything in the book, but he knows absolutely everything about the boys. To see him talking to Sam about getting stronger because of the demon blood is really interesting.

Chuck was helpful at the end of the episode when Dean put him in the same room as Lillith and it was awesome! "I am Chuck the prophet." That's all he really has to say.

Who is the monster at the end of the book? How much does Chunk know? One thing for sure, I don't think there will be a happy ending.

Other random thoughts

If Dean prays, Castiel will come. I wonder how much Dean will pray in the future. This is a major development of Dean's character and I think we might see this to develop further.

It occurs to me that food is part of the mythology of the show. If the Impala is the 3rd character, then Dean's food is the 4th character.
But please note, the word Dean and Tofu will not be in the same sentence ever again. They are not meant to be a happy couple.

Talking about the 3rd character of the show, poor Impala! I can feel the pain when the rear window was smashed. Remember, I am the trunk of Dean's car!

Is it just me or do you also find that
Lillith was different from what we've seen before? I mean, isn't Lillith supposed to have a child-like mannerism? Remember what Katie Cassidy did to this character when Ruby was possessed by Lillith. You can still see the child-like mannerism of Lillith. But the Lillith in this episode didn't resumble the Lillith I've seen on the show.

One last important question: does Sam do Dean's laundry?

This episode is so good I want to pray every night.. In the name of Dean, Sam and Castiel, Amen.

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  1. gotta love how clever that idea was


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