08 November 2011

Review: Supernatural 7.07 The Mentalist

Good times!
One thing for sure, I am glad Simon Baker wasn't in the episode.

You know, I never mention this and I probably never realised this until now -- I love when random characters 'get' the supernatural stuff and accept assistance from the Winchesters. People shouldn't know what's out there, but when they do know monsters and ghosts are out there, and they get help from Dean and Sam, a simple thank you is nice to see -- Jody Mills, the police in Slash Fiction, Detective Ballard from The Usual Suspects, the mother in Home, the Nigella Lawson lookalike in this episode.. to name a few characters who thank the Winchesters for saving their lives. Not that Dean and Sam ever asked for a reward or anything, it's just nice to see them getting a proper thank you, which could be two of the most difficult words to say. It's nice to see people showing gratitude and respect what they do, which is saving people hunting things.. 

The Mentalist is very season one to me. The opening scene is a fun one.. the anticipation, the gore and the humour were all there making this scene a classic Supernatural scene. The backdrop, Lily Dale, the most psychic town in America, was kinda fun too. The mention of Ellen was awesome! I like how in a few words from beyond the grave could make Dean go "OK, that's it! Enough of this crap, I am going to talk to Sammy."

Speaking of enough of this crap.. I am so glad SO GLAD it's all done and dusted. Sammy, stop being a bitch! Yes! Thank you writers!! Dean wasn't feeling guilty about killing Amy, who killed four people. It felt right because it was the right thing to do. But hiding that secret from Sammy was killing Dean as witnessed from the previous episodes. Let's be fair, both Dean and Sam have been through a lot of crap ever since they were little. It's easy for the Leviathans to say, "How come these guys can still stand each other?" The Winchesters never give up on each other, the family is dysfunctional but they don't leave each other behind. They stick to each other, watch each other's back. The kind of things they are willing to do for each other is extreme and sometimes creepy (like making a deal with the devil, who does that, right?) but that's the core of the show. It's a journey, there are good days, and there are bad days.

I think the original brotherly love is slowing making a return and this time, it's staying for good. I miss that! And you know what else I miss? The Impala! Baby! Dean can't drive that piece of whatever.. he needs his baby! Bring back the Impala!!! Bring back the Impala!!!! Overall, I like this episode a lot. The whole Dean-and-Sam-sorting-out-their-shit made the episode. And again, thank you Ben Acker and Ben Blacker for wrapping things up. Ben Acker, by the way, is the dude from the Nerdist Podcast, which I love! Check out the podcast when you get a chance, Ben Edlund was on one of the episodes.

Before I leave you for the night, I just wanted to get something off my chest. It's often easier to hate than to love. But I wonder if it's easier to write something you dislike than writing something you love? I think not. I love what I write and I write what I love. Sometimes I don't write perfectly, but I still write because I want to and I hope people don't hate and burn what I write.

Take my favourite TV show as an example, if I don't like what I watch and still write about it, surely that would kill me in the writing process, right? Why bother with something you dislike? It's not like you have to write about the politicians you dislike, carbon tax, unions taking strike, traffic goes into chaos when weather gets crappy. There is no need to bring something down when there is no need for it. Perhaps you should spend time on writing something you feel more passionate about. It's like a marriage, it's not about who's right and wrong anymore, but a divorce could be the best thing ever happened to a couple. 

You may argue why hardcore Supernatural fans can always find something they like in any episode. Are we blind? Are we just watching the show for hot guys? It's not a bad thing to find something good in things. I don't want to be someone who always has something bad to say about everything.

OK.. so.. who is ready for a wedding???


  1. Love Tiny, pure and simple. I 100% agree with everything you've said here, which you know because we've talked about it! That's it! Love this write-up, it was worth the wait! :P Yay! I love this show!

  2. Thanks Amy.. I just needed to get that off my chest.. I hope I don't have to do it again :)

  3. You know what I loved Tiny? 'Quit being a Bitch.' Yay you said it Dean!

    Awesome review like always Tiny. You, my dear, rock.

    Now Bring on next week

  4. Thanks Kara :) ... I agree with you.. I rock.. oh wait.. what :) xoxo

  5. I am so in agreement with you. Here is to Supernatural lovers everywhere!


  6. Hmmm...not quite anonymous. :)


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