13 November 2011

Review: Supernatural 7.08 Season 7, Time For A Wedding

Dean, I am in love.. and it's not fakeRuby.
I have mixed reaction to this week's episode Season 7, Time For A Wedding. While there are a few good things in the episode, there are some not-so-good stuff here too.

The episode was written Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin, I wish they didn't write it. This is a wasted opportunity for what could've been a really really awesome meta episode. Supernatural is usually very awesome when it comes to meta, episodes such as Monster At The End Of The Book, Changing Channels, The French Mistake and Ghostfacers (yes, the Facers) are one of my favourite episodes. Season 7, Time For A Wedding makes The Real Ghostbusters a piece of gold.

While I am fine with Becky to be the centre of the episode, I just think the writing wasn't there to do justice. I know not many fans like Becky but I don't mind her if the material was written right. As annoying as she is, I don't mind her in Sympathy for the Devil and The Real Ghostbusters because I think her support role served a purpose. But in Season 7, Time For A Wedding, the material didn't work for me this time and the whole Becky-Tweeting thing didn't work at all. It's like Dabb and Loflin tried to copy what other writers have done in the past and mashed things together in an odd way.

And why Dean needed help from another hunter when Bobby couldn't help? Dean is more than capable to work on a case like this. So that was a bit random to me.

Like I said over and over again, even in a bad episode of Supernatural there are always things I like. What works for me is Garth and the demon bad PR stuff. Garth is a good character to develop, there are some cool moments and lines from him. I'd like to see him again. DJ Qualls did a really good job, the last time I saw him on TV was on The Big Bang Theory where he played Sheldon's fake cousin. He was SO funny, I was so looking forward to his contribution to Supernatural. The character was a bit underdeveloped, but that's ok. I hope to see him again.

The demon deal story line is actually clever. But again, it comes back to the construct of the episode. The demon made really good deals and then staged an accident so that he could collect souls earlier. It's bad PR, as Crowley put it. Only if Dabb and Loflin could keep everything consistence across the entire episode, it would've been awesome! I mean, they wrote some really good lines for Crowley! 
"This isn't Wall Street, this is Hell. We have a little something called integrity." Crowley made quote of the week!
I love Crowley didn't try to partner with the boys this time (like he normally would) but he told them he cleared his troops so that Dean and Sam can concentrate on fighting the Leviathans. Oh Crowley, I love you! Crowley's appearance at the end of the episode made the episode. I can forgive and forget all the awkward stuff.

Jensen Ackles' comedic skill saved a lot of scenes in this episode. The guy is so expressionistic and I love him! I mean, to be honest, Jared is not as good as Jensen when it comes to comedic moments. I love how the brothers were back to good times so quickly before the end credit rolled out. That was a bit too quick, but hey, I'll take it if they don't talk about Amy Pond.

Overall, Season 7, Time For A Wedding was a bit disappointing because we know it could've been a very awesome meta episode. I am not a huge fan of most of the episodes written by Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin but they have done some good stuff before and there is no reasons why they can't do it again, right? I just want them to be awesome! I know they can do so much better than this. They can be the next Kripke, Edlund or Carver, they just need to lift their game.

And bring back the Impala!!!! Stop Dean from driving whatever piece of crap he is driving!! We want the Impala!!

Next week's episode looks really awesome. Episode 7.09 How to Win Friends And Influence Monsters. Great title! The episode is written and directed by my dream team -- Guy Bee and Ben Edlund. Quality guaranteed!


  1. I liked the other hunter (one of the main things I liked about the episode) because he was the anti every hunter we have ever seen. He wasn't all angry or a complete idiot. He just kinda seemed like a normal guy who hunted. I also thought it was good to have another hunter with Dean that wasn't emotionally attached to the case.
    What I really hated was the editing for Previously. Worst and most spoilery editing ever.
    I liked Becky being able to hunt because of knowing all about the world through the Supernatural books. Wouldn't mind her hooking up with that other hunter and being like all together and crap.
    Another thing I didn't like is that the impala isn't back yet. Boo hiss.
    Did like the fact they brought back demon deals, but didn't like how they did it.
    This episode was very half and half.
    Anyway awesome review like always Tiny!

  2. Thanks Kara.. Love your point about having another hunter in the story who Dean isn't emotionally attached to. Good point also about the Previously, that was wayyyyy too spoilery! I actually tried not to read the opening credit, but can't help it.

    Crowley's the best. So are you.

    Thanks :)

  3. Wow Tiny! We really agreed this week...not that we don't usually, but like we REALLY agreed! And I agree with Kara, that 'Then' was ridiculously spoilery!

    On to Mr Edlund huh? Our hero! Can't wait for next weeks ep.

    Really nice review Tiny :)

  4. wow, you had a very different reaction than I did. I don't really like becky because she is such an over the top fan and gives us a bad rep...but I did think that the episode was really good. I didn't mind the writers and felt they were way on the ball more than Glass was earlier this season. the eppie was succinct...and I felt that the extra hunter wasn't supposed to work and there just as an offset to becky to show that sam and dean need each other. if dean could handle everything on his own, then it kinda shows he doesn't need Sam either, and I don't think that is the point they are trying to make. Dean needs other people--this guy was the un-sam and not very helpful for the most part--but he did have the blueberry vodka idea and he did have an idea for protecting the ceo's wife...we won't agree on them all, and you raise some good points!

  5. Thanks Nicole. I am not a big fan of Becky, and I don't think she was written to give fans a bad rep. Her character was written to be over the top and annoying. Don't think it was a direct reflection of fans. I get why she was written, it just wasn't done right in this episode. She could've been very funny, but it just didn't work. Shit happened.

    I forgot to mention something on your review.. Kara raised a very good point about bringing in another hunter who Dean isn't emotionally attached. It's good to have other hunters around, I don't mind new good fun ones. Just that the writing for Garth was a bit short. But I see great potential in his character :)

  6. great review Tiny::DD
    i actually thought Jared did the bed scene well...yes Jensen is priceless.Sadly this episode had way too much cringe factor:/

  7. Thanks Dru :) Yeah.. that bed scene was quite funny.


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