20 November 2011

Review: Supernatural 7.09 How to Win Friends & Influence Monsters

Written by Ben Edlund and directed by Guy Bee, How to Win Friends & Influence Monsters was a really really solid episode. If you want to test a man's character, put them in a confined situation, take all his resources away. Team Free Will has been taken out of their comfort zone by the Leviathans. They really don't know the Leviathans enough to put a battle plan together. When it comes to destroying the Leviathans, they are only scratching the surface; when it comes to the bigger plan, Dick is playing smart and we've only just discovered what their agenda is. If there is a time when we think world should've ended with the apocalypse, this is the time!

Before the Leviathans, at least we have Bobby's house as the headquarter, at least we have a base. But this is crap. Team Free Will don't have a base, their friends are either dead or not so close to them, they are truly on their own. Talking about 'we are so screwed..' This is on a completely different scale.

There are plenty of trademark Ben Edlund smartass one-liners and references. This episode alone deserves a 'How To Write Like Ben Edlund'. I actually think that all scenes are very well thoughtout in the dialogues department (not that I expect anything less from Ben). The dialogues are so good, I have to watch each scene for 3 times to really enjoy them.

The episode is jam-packed with humors and gore and has some of the best SFX I've seen from the series. For a second, I thought we are having a zombie episode, I love zombies! While there are some classic-filler-y Supernatural gory moments, we are back to the theme of season seven very quickly.

Dick! What can I say? James Patrick Stuart hits this one out of the park! This villain is growing on me. I mean, he is a villain you love to hate and hate to love. He is up there with Zachariah and Lex Luthor. He is not smart.. he is very smart. Is it just me or do you love The Rise of Dick CNN-like highlight reel? It's a clever idea from the creative team. If I were Dean and Sam, I'd love to explore the idea of going public as a counterattack. Think about it. I think the whole monster thing should go public, make the papers! Everyone should know about monsters. Everyone should know they have a Jack Bauer…. oh wait.. I mean the Winchesters. Everyone should know they are protected by the best hunters in the world.

Turducken-Slammer-drunk Dean doesn't care that he doesn't care. We have some of the best wisdoms from Bobby in this episode. I hope Dean takes those in and really think about what Bobby said. Like I mentioned many times before, Dean has a hero syndrome, every now and then, he needs someone like Bobby (or Ellen) to kick his ass and put him back on track. Man! I hope Bobby is ok…! My heart literally stopped. We've lost Cas, I don't want to lose Bobby! We still need enough characters to make season eight!

I am officially off meat for awhile.. at least until Xmas. I am not getting drunk from a Turducken Slammer. I am not going to piss off my sandwich.

We are on a one-week hellatus. An all-new episode of Supernatural is back on 2nd December with 7.10 Death's Door, here is the official synopsis.

BOBBY REVISITS HIS PAST – As Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) race the clock on a high-stakes mission, Bobby (Jim Beaver) seeks the help of an unlikely old friend to solve one of the most personal cases of his life. Robert Singer directed this episode written by Sera Gamble.

Bobby can't be dead, right?!

After 7.10 we will officially go into the winter hellatus. Supernatural will return on January 6th 2012. It's not a long hellatus, I can even watch 7.11 during my Xmas/ NY break.. that's so awesome!!!

My Supernatural season one rewatch is on track. I am onto the last disk. While I revisit Supernatural, I have also started with A Game of Thrones. I am watching and reading the story simultaneously. I am really impressed. Like… I think I've found a new show worthy of download and possibly blogging. I'll keep you posted.


  1. First of all, I really enjoyed this episode.
    But lets talk about Bobby. Bobby can not die, if he does I will be totally pissed off. Bobby (if he has to die) has to die like Ellen and Jo in a blaze of glory to save Sam and Dean and the rest of the world. He can not die by running away.

    My guess is Sam and Dean are going to go to Death, and Death being Death will put them through a test, which they will fail but somehow (maybe Cas although we dont see it) heals Bobby (because healing Bobby is the perfect redemption) and the episode will end with Bobby flatlining. But he will live...hopefully

  2. Aghhfhh he can't die Tiny he can't! I loved this ep, like a lot. I loved the script and as you know I want to marry Ben Edlund....except that he's already married....
    I like your idea about releasing news about monsters, my idea was plant a scandal story about Dick Roman and disgrace him publicly! That could work.
    I hope Dean listens to Bobby and I LOVED Sam this episode....finally! 2 weeks Tiny, 2 weeks! Gah! And Bobby can't die. I won't allow it.
    Nice review as always...one of these days I really must watch 24!
    -Amy x

  3. Awesome Tiny. Well we know that Jim hasnt been filming so a coma is likely at the least:(....

  4. OMG! yes, the episode was so wonderful. what made me kinda sad was that seeing such a magnificent eppie right after seeing last week's really shows off all the weak points of last week's episode...but we know you didn't like that one! nice review Tiny! I agree with you on everything! including feeling Bobby deserves a bigger send off if this is the end...maybe a coma for a bit? then being rescued by Cas or a god??? we can dream! :D can't wait for the eppie in two weeks, but maybe I will be able to get my review up I missed while at ChiCon!


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