28 November 2011

Invitation: The Year That Was

I must put on my thinking cap!
Hello earthlings, I am inviting fans of pop culture to submit a quote (or a tweet) that sums up your thoughts on 2011 as a fan of your favorite TV shows, movies, books and technology. Your submission will be included in my The Year That Was feature, which will be live towards the end of December.

You are welcome to send them to me via Twitter (public or DM). Spread the news!

Go nuts!


  1. My crew on twitter came together over this hashtag, and we've stuck together since then. We're unsure who tweeted it first but it has caused endless hours of hilarity so it's probably the best quote(hashtag) that sums up my year as a member of the SPN Family. Which is, by the way, THE BEST fandom to be a part of in this world. I'm kinda embarrased I'm even writing it, but here goes... #DeanWinchesterHappyPeaKneesDance
    haha, and if you wanna know what it means or how it came about you'll have to scoll back in our tweets for a very long time! :D

  2. Thank you so much! I'll shorten it a bit and include this. Don't know your handle though.. if you let me know, I'll add it.

    Thanks :)


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