30 October 2011

Review: Supernatural 7.06 Slash Fiction

This review is to be read with Air Supply's All Out of Love.

What a perfect title for the episode! I was half expecting this episode to go nuts with the honey bunny scene. They kind of did, but in a Supernatural-network TV style -- you see it but you don't see it. The Winchester clones was a clever idea by the writer Robbie Thompson, who is a relatively new writer. This was his first Supernatural episode and I hope he will write more. I don't know what is it, but I think his stuff has the Jeremy Carver vibe. Robbie also wrote for Jericho, Human Target and The Cape.

This episode is what I've been talking about in recent weeks -- dialogues and meat in the script! Robbie Thompson did a fantastic job! The dialogues he'd written really got meat in them and he brought something new to the episode. I love the Leviathan's reply to Bobby, "Not quite the finish as holy water, but not as bitter as rock salt." Classy! For a Leviathan! Another thing I love about the script is the season one call back -- the Lady in White, Dead in the Water etc.. the earlier cases. I love that!

What I love about this episode is that Jensen Ackles and Jarpad get to play the Dean and Sam clones. Fans love some bad boy Dean and Sam! We've seen the bad boy Dean in episodes such as Skin, Dream a Little Dream of Me, Two and a Half Men; we've seen the bad boy Sam in Born Under a Bad Sign and When the Levee Breaks. This is the first time we them in their bad boy clones interacting in dialogues and doing full on bad things together. The conversation in the diner before they wasted everyone was very good. I love that Robbie Thompson paid attention to Sam's hair and the Impala!! Even the Impala has to be in lockdown!! Details!! DETAILS!!

I also welcome Kevin McNally to the show. It's weird to see Mr Gibbs in a non Pirates role, but I love it! I thought he brought some heavyweight acting to this episode. The dialogues that were written for him got a lot of meat and it suits him.

Is it just me or do you also love the Bobby and Jody stuff? It's about time Bobby gets some! It's so cute! And thank you Jody for mopping the floor! I am a little in love with the Montana house. It's starting to feel like a new headquarter! Supernatural sticks to the basic when it comes to their evil hunting weapons and methods, we are familiar with iron, silver, rock salt and holy water, and now.. sodium borate. I bet the Ghostfacers don't know about this one! Next time when facing a new kind of monsters, always start with the household cleaning products. You'd never know, may be Baygone can kill a Rugaru. 

Of course, I love all the Pulp Fiction references. Can you imagine if they turn the whole episode into Pulp Fiction! That'd be amazing! And I love Dean singing All Out of Love! INSTANT CLASSIC DEAN MOMENT!!

Let's quickly touch Crowley. It's not unusual to see Crowley to go to the Leviathans with a business proposition. But it's unusual to see Crowley not closing a business deal. He always get what he wants, the King of Hell even got a deal with Castiel! The Leviathan in the limo acted like a corporate PR douche -- we don't need to work with you, we are that good! That's gotta hurt Crowley's feeling! Or better, angry! I think he will go to the Winchesters with the back-to-the-good-old-days speech. And by then, I hope to see the return of Castiel!! Love the organic muffins by the way, nice touch Crowley!

Now that we know the sodium borate is the holy water to the Leviathans, it's a good thing. What's next for Dean and Sam? Are they ready to bring the fight to them and end them? They will need help. They don't want to waste time on the Stunt Leviathan A, B and C, they want to big boss! I think this is where Crowley can help, and I think this is where Castiel can return. I think the dude in the limo is not the big boss, he is like Zach. Someone is higher than him... and I hope the big boss is still inside Jimmy/ Castiel, I think this is how the big boss can be killed. We are approaching the mid-season finale, the story is travelling nicely. I can't wait to see more.

Why haven't I mentioned about Amy Pond? What's there to talk about? The secret is out. She is still dead. Sam is walking away (which by the way, Dean never walked away like that with all things Sam's done in the past)... You know the brothers will be back together! Look at next week's episode, they are working on a case together in episode 7.07 The Mentalist (no Simon Baker please, can't stand the guy!)


  1. Great review! This ep was A-maz-ing, hilarious changing to devastating within seconds. I have to say I understand why Sam had to walk away, he was just so sooo angry. I've been in that place before. He'll be back once he's calmed down, but yet again poor Dean, always taking Sam's shit and never having faith in himself. Makes me so sad that he truly believes he deserves that sort of treatment from the person he loves best in the world. He's so used to Sam walking away, that's Sam's first reaction every time things go wrong, escape. I really like your point that Dean has never left Sam hanging despite everything he's done, I hadn't thought of it that way. I loved the diner conversation too ....I was really hoping after they'd bagged out the boys food choices they'd swap plates and luv the other ones choice, haha! Also LOVED the 'I like my one's hair better' comment!! Thanx!

  2. Thanks Trishy!! I really love this episode. Re Sam's hair.. I KNOW RIGHT! That was really awesome!!

    Thanks again

  3. YAY The Amy Pond crap is out of the bag. Now can we move on?
    Awesome review like always Tiny!


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