13 November 2011

Gerry Weaver, You're Awesome

Gerry Weaver writes for BlogCritics. Finally, a pro is writing like a pro. And not like.. (no name mentioned)... This is fair, professional, constructive and positive. Finally someone GETS it!

So, Gerry, thank you. I love you man! This is a must read for fans and critics. And I am glad Gerry addressed many issues the Impala's Trunk have touched on.

"Supernatural’s seventh season is now well underway, and it’s provoked different reactions amongst its fans. AOL’s TV critic, Mo Ryan, wrote an essay of her concerns with the writing of this season. I have a very different feel for this season and what the show has offered me over the years. So, I decided to add to the conversation about the current quality of Supernatural’s writing...." Read the full article here.


  1. Thanks so much for pointing me to this article. I kept wanting to shout, Yes!! Exactly.

  2. Oh wow Tiny!! Thanks for posting this. I think I might have to marry this man :D

    I want everyone in the world to read this....yes you know who I mean!

    Awesome stuff!



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