24 August 2011

In Cas we fear.... In Sera we trust... Bring it!

Suck it up and deal with it haters. I have always been a supporter of Sera Gamble and this will not change. I know a lot of people have been very concerned about what Supernatural has or will become for a variety of reasons since Eric Kripke stepped down as the showrunner. We all have different reasons for watching the show, but the mythology of the show has always been about the Winchester family -- the brothers. I don't think this has changed at all. Whether we go back to the monster of the week or touch the angel storyarc.. it's still about the brothers. I really cannot wait to watch season seven. I have enough of this painful hellatus!

There... I got that bit out of the way... On to the latest promo clip of Supernatural...

It's interesting to see the CW has been pushing the Kiss-Your-Cas-Goodbye angle as the focal point of the promotional clips. Whether it's the marketing people don't communicate with the show's crew to convey the correct idea and went off to do their own promo (which I doubt) OR they do communicate and this is shaping up to be a season about In-Cas-We-Fear, which is expected, we just don't know how. And this In-Cas-We-Fear element is going to be an integral, recurring theme in seasons seven. Remember, Supernatural never throw something out there for nothing. So, for those who fear Misha's role in season seven, never fear. Kiss-Your-Cas-Goodbye and In-Cas-We-Fear will be addressed. 

Like I said, it's a show about the brothers and their adventures. Saving people, hunting things, the family business is still the most famous quote from Supernatural. I think season seven will also about saving friends from their own darkness.

Here is the extended promo released today:

Dean: Who are you?

Cas: I am God. 


  1. Yes Tiny!!! Exactly and thank you. You know how I feel on the subject! Now in regards to the promo. The CW marketing and promotions team would in no way discuss promo strategies with the show producers. The CW would drive the direction of the campaign of their own KPIs and targets and would develop their own creative around that. However, the as this show is produced for them, the would have and idea of the arc of the season and would have some kind of season treatment bible and most probably scripts in some form or another which may guide them. Having said that, for the CW it's about ratings numbers, so they will be approaching the campaign from a what hook in the first eps is going to capture the maximum audience angle. If I was producing a campaign to launch 7 off the back of the season 6 cliff hanger, I would 100% be doing what they're doing regardless of the direction of the season, because this is a tease campaign, not an episodic promo. That's my thoughts on that anyway!!

  2. You know your stuff Amy! Good point about the promo campaign. It makes sense.. I know they've never done this before, ie Cas as the focal point of the season premier promo. It has always been about Dean and Sam.. so that was interesting to me and got me thinking about the true role of Cas in season 7. I think they are screwing us (again), but we are totally happy about being tortured if you now what I mean.



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