21 August 2011

The Impala Boat for the Supernatural DuckNation

I am having so much fun creating the Impala Boat for DuckNation. Woohoo!!! Wanna see my creation?

Who would've thought.. finding rubber ducks is harder than I expected! They are just rubber ducks! But at the last stop, I found them! And I did some planning..

What a happy family?!
Crappy drawing. A lot of this stuff didn't happen.
Let's just say... I've got a LOT of leftover Lego. You want some?
Introducing Ninja Dean, Ninja Sam and Bobby on 
the Impala Boat
(This could be the only Duck that sinks) 

Based on or inspired by an idea that Ben Edlund may or may not have written for a Supernatural episode.....  

Ninja Dean is driving the Duck. Ninja Sam is holding the Ruby Knife. I gave Bobby a weapon, it looks like the basilisk's fang from Harry Potter.

Black is Dean; Red is Sam; Bobby is in the middle
Revealing their cranky faces
I made a hole in the ass for what is supposed to be the ventilator fan
I'll probably send this to Clif on Tuesday... Hopefully it will arrive safely!!

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  1. Oh my God Tiny!!!!! It's a work of art! Brilliant!!!!


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