18 August 2011

Charisma Carpenter & James Marsters to Guest Star on Supernatural; the DuckNation Initiative

It's safe to say Buffy and Supernatural have a similar fanbase. We are all very passionate about the shows. Having Buffy's Charisma Carpenter (aka Cordelia) & James Marsters (aka Spike) to guest star on Supernatural is a real treat for fans. Twitter just exploded today with the announcement!

Spoiler Alert

Charisma and James will play wife and husband in the fifth episode of season seven titled Shut Up Dr Phil. Sera Gamble revealed that, “This episode is ‘Bewitched' gone wrong... [It was] all upside for this successful man (Marsters) while he was married to the witch (Carpenter), but now that he’s pissed her off, the whole town is paying the price.” Source: TVLine


Have you been following J2's bodyguard Clif Kosterman on Twitter? Ducknation is AWESOME! I love ducks! Duck Dean, Duck Sam, Duck Bobby, Duck Castiel.. This is probably by far the best thing ever happened to the set of Supernatural!

All photos belong to Clif Kosterman

Wanna to see your rubber duck(s) to be added to the pond? Send them to the below address with your your name and location on it. Details also thanks to WinchesterBros

Supernatural Films Inc.
8085 Glenwood Drive Burnaby,
B.C. V3N 5C8

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