29 August 2011

What's cooking at Kripke's Hollow?

Hello everybody, I have been busy..
Eric Kripke may be stepping down as the showrunner of Supernatural, but he is not going into retirement! He has been busy with new projects. Although Neil Gaiman's The Sandman, is on hold for whatever reasons but Kripke is already moving on to the next project. The CW is developing a new TV series based on DC Comic's Deadman. This looks more promising than The Sandman which has always a bit of a yeah-but-no-but-yeah-but. I think if the CW/ WB/ DC want to do it, they will make it happen. Kripke is certainly the right guy for it. Matt Cohen for the lead? Fans think so!

I think Superman, Spiderman and Batman have been done to death! There are heaps of other superheroes or comic book characters that studios and networks can dive into. Say, if Watchmen or The Avengers is made into a TV series, I think they will be extremely successful.

So who is DeadmanDeadman is a ghost, formerly circus trapeze artist named Boston Brand who performed under the name Deadman, a stage persona including a red costume and white corpse makeup. Boston Brand was murdered, his sprite was given special power by a Hindu goddess to posses any living being in order to find his murderer and obtain justice. Sounds a bit like The Cape?

Deadman crossed over with other DC stories such as Superman, Batman, Jason Todd, Green Arrow and Justice League. 

This certainly sounds very very interesting. I would really love to see this taking off. The CW new boss expressed his interest to develop a new DC show for the network. Let's see what the Kripke-master can do with this baby! I still hope The Sandman is a go with Kripke attached to it. A movie perhaps? I know I am greedy, but I just can't wait to see Kripke's next project.

Kripke is also working on the movie Haunted, which is a WB project.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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