22 August 2011

Supernatural News Jensen & Jared Interview & Episode Titles Update; The Avengers at D23 Expo

Ahoy! E!Online did this interview with Jensen and Jared recently where they talked about the new seasons and the role of Castiel etc.. They miss the monster of the week type of episodes, I can see why. They are less intense and I supposed, as much as we love the angst, we love a good old classic Supernatural episodes.. just no racist monster truck please.

Why Jensen why?
Please cross your arms more
Sorry Jared, did you say blah blah blah....

Spoiler TV also reported a few new Supernatural titles recently, here is a summary:

701 Meet the New Boss (directed by Philip Sgriccia, written by Sera Gamble)
702 Hello Cruel World
703 The Girl Next Door (directed by Jensen Ackles, written by Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin)
704 Defending Your Life (directed by Guy Bee)
705 Shut Up! Dr Phil
706 Slash Fiction
707 All in the Family 
708 The Mentalists
709 Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!

Episode order and titles subject to change

Source: E!Online, Hypable, SpoilerTV

In other news, Disney's D23, Disney's very own version of Comic Con, took place yesterday. From what I can see, The Avengers cast had the biggest reception from the crowd! Who is excited?! I so am!!! I haven't seen the footage they presented at The Avengers presentation, but it's awesome! You can check out the information from the live blog during the event at Marvel.

Loki: "I have an army."

Tony Stark: "We got the Hulk."

Joss Whedon and Chris Evans were not at the event, I guess due to filming.

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