21 November 2010

Review: Supernatural 6.09 Fight the Fairies

Dean, why are you looking at me like this? *Blushing*

I know.. this week's review title is SO predictable. Supernatural fans are awesome once again for making "Fight the Fairies" a trending topic on Twitter. Screen shot thanks to Amy, who has posted her review on the episode. Hot off the press! Toza also has some really cool SPN headlines on her blog, check them out here.

I have declared my love for Ben Edlund a long time ago. There was the GhostFacer Ben Edlund; the The End Ben Edlund; the Abandon All Hope Ben Edlund; the Monster Movie Ben Edlund... I wonder if he had ever looked into the mirror and said "I AM AWESOME!" when he wrote something funny and witty?

6.09 Clap Your Hands If You Believe was written by Ben Edlund and directed by John Showalter. I LOVE the opener in The X-Files style. I totally LOVE it! Overall, I really enjoyed the episode, it was fun! Their take on UFOs and alien abduction was funny -- may be it's the way Jensen Ackles interpreted the probing event (forgot! don't say that out loud!). Those fairies are kinda cute, they remind me of house-elves and it's awesome to see Robert Picardo as a guest star!

*Did you know that Robert Picardo was Jason Teague's father, Edward Teague in Smallville season 7, they never share a scene together?

Soulless Sam

You suck at making tea

You suck at hunting UFOs

Jared is really comfortable with his acting as a soulless Sam, he is getting better with it. This is the first time I actually like Soulless Sam. To me, the problem with Soulless Sam is that he was pretentious, he's been faking every emotion since he came back. But we got over that point, he wasn't faking it anymore. It took awhile to get used to Soulless Sam.

In this episode, I so dig Sam! It's magical how Ben Edlund can skillfully turn Soulless Sam into a likable character. There was so much awesomeness in this episode from Sam. Sam is telling the truth without holding back and it suits him! He is learning how to read things: when Dean told him about being attacked by a hot naked lady with wings and nipples, Sam said "I am not supposed to laugh, right?!" That's priceless!

Sam is acting like a little boy asking questions about things and with Dean giving Sam lessons about what to do and how to feel is really funny. That's Yoda's job, you know! The interaction between Dean and Sam is really interesting to watch. Although this is not the brotherly interaction we are familiar with, but the chemistry is as strong as ever between Jensen and Jared.

So... it's simple.. having a soul is equal to suffering. To quote Yoda: "Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering." Because Sam doesn't feel anything.. no fear, no anger, no hate, no empathy... he has no emotion to cloud his judgment. He didn't make the same mistake again -- he didn't say yes to the Fairy deal. Is Sam better this way? The question is -- would you rather deal with a pile of screw-up emotions or would you rather start from scratch? For Dean, he is suffering and he has to keep dealing with his emotions and his past; while Sam is the beginner, he is like the grown-up version of the Little Prince* (well.. sort of), he will keep asking questions and learn about empathy.

*It's a children book written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Jensen Ackles

Excuse for using this screen shot


Jensen Ackles is such a great actor with comical and physical skills. We have seen Jensen doing dark emotional angsty stuff in The End, Heaven and Hell, Point of No Return just to name a few. We have also seen the funny Dean in Monster Movies or Yellow Fever and Changing Channels etc. In Clap Your Hand If You Believe, Jensen totally nailed the delivery of the comical scenes, for example, when he was chased by the dude with the beanie, he made little jumps with his feet and the expression on his face was so Chaplin like; when Dean was telling Sam about the alien abduction; and when he was attacked by Tinkerbell. Every now and then Supernatural provided him the opportunity to show his comedic side, he has once again proven that he is a versatile actor and he really pays attention to details.

Oh one more thing before I forget. I have a question about the 'first born', do you think Dean is chosen by the vampire and the fairy is because he was the first born? Do you think the first born has something to do with the whole Alpha thing? The Alpha being the first of many, so... what's with that? I don't think the first born/ Alpha thing is random, I think this is shaping up to something bigger... Or may be Dean is just awesome and he has a sweet ass?

Oh by the way, being the first born usually has the duty to pay for the meals. Have you noticed how many times Dean pick up the bills at the diners or pay for the motels? When was the last time we saw Sam paying for a meal? Just saying.... Dean just picked up the bill and paid.

I should pay for your hair cut too

Smallville scored 2.5 m while Supernatural scored 2.03m. Ouch with that, but like Sam would said.. I really don't care about TV ratings! Source: TVbytheNumbers

I swear I will post something on Smallville during the holiday. I am planning on a few Xmas projects to do while spending Xmas with Mama Tiny.


  1. Great write up Tiny! I love soulless Sam full stop, but I really enjoyed him in this ep. I like that he's learning, and I like this odd new relationship they are developing, I can live with it for a while long for sure. I like your idea about the first borns and the Alphas, I just thought it was a Rumplestiltskin thing or something, but maybe you're on to something there. Interesting, we will have to keep our eyes peeled. Oh and on the ratings, it was pre-empted in Chicago and a few places because of sport (I think) so that would have effected the premiere nights ratings, be interesting to see the Live+7days numbers are.
    What are we going to do next week :(

  2. Next week... EPIC! I am sure we won't see shipping of Megstiel... The episode should be great :)

  3. Also on the ratings thing. It was the first full day of Harry Potter. I'm sure we lost some people because they were out. (That's the curse of Friday night.)

  4. COME ON! It's about the time some good directors see Jensen's great performance!!:( He deserves more that playing in cw series!! I mean, Ok great, we love Dean we love supernatural but what will happens after that?! He suppose to play in new series in cw?! Not anymore!!:(
    It was a great episode! Ben Edlund is Genius! Robo-Sam was awesome! Jared did a nice job on playing him!

  5. Great review...but Jared got the sexy ass....Jensen has everything else!!::))


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