09 November 2010

Tuesday Edition: Planet Cake; iPad; paperless; episode title for 6.13

A few things happened this week.

I brought
Planet Cake, I am so inspired to bake and design beautiful cakes! Wish me luck! I swear to Chuck, I am so going to make an Impala cake!!

I also purchased an iPad, the first thing I did was to download Pages, iRead PDF and Amazon Kindle for iPad. I love Amazon and I love having Kindle on my iPad! I have Stephen King's
The Stand and some reference books. I also downloaded Larousse, which is a recipe App for French pastries, jams and cakes.

In the near future, I want to go paperless and hopefully cashless too. I want everything on my Mac, iPad and iPhone, I can't remember the last time I brought a CD. Going digital is going to save so much space. As someone who is very mobile, believe me, it's a bitch when I move!

But that's not what I really wanted to blog tonight. I just wanted to say, episode 6.13 will be called Unforgiven. Oh.. and my Supernatural season 5 companion just arrived.

Oh hey, clap your hands if you believe in Dean Winchester!

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