14 November 2010

Review: Supernatural 6.08 Only Lucky Goes to Heaven

And so... he walked off into the sunset. The end.

Season 1 to 5 obviously set the bar so high, although you can't top the apocalypse, but writers continue to keep the soul of the show intact. What makes the show so enjoyable to watch week in week out is their ability to explore existing urban legends and make the story uniquely their own. I am so impressed with it. It's not the same old vampire, werewolves idea you've seen on other shows so many times. The idea of skinwalkers infiltrating into ordinary family and the sad story of Lucky was really awesome and refreshing. The show never fail to surprise me, I really like saying 'ah, that's different!'.

The details of 'a day in the life of perver Lucky' was really well thought out. I particular liked the scene where Dean and Sam went to the animal house, Dean being civilised with Lucky (I love the black and white SFX!), and then we saw Lucky in the motel being interrogated by the boys. The creepy effect of the park scene where Sam was at the stakeout, really helped to build the suspense. And here is another stakeout scene I love. If there is ever a 24 prequel, Jensen Ackles can so be the young Jack Bauer!

Let's rewind to the interrogate scene. I like how Dean took a moment and thought about what made human human -- compassion. Normally Dean would just be all cowboy about supernatural things, the mojo was 'it's it's supernatural, we kill it, end of story, that's our job'. But this season it's about showing the contracts between light and dark; soul and soulless; Dean and Sam. There is a new found maturity underpinning the show, kudos to Sarah Gamble and her writing team.

Somehow I don't think Sam will get his soul back from Crowley. I don't see Crowley snapping his fingers and go 'oh there you go, here is your soul.. go hug people!' and Sam certainly won't go 'oh, thanks.. here is my soul, I suddenly care, let me make you an apple pie.' I think it's always up to Dean to show or teach Sam, it's always up to Dean to watch over his little brother. For now, at least we won't see Sam pretending to care about Dean or others. Dean has to speak up about Sam's pretentiousness and the whole speech by Sam at the end of the episode served the purpose, it closed one chapter of season 6 and ready for the next.

Philip Sgriccia directed and Adam Glass wrote the episode.

A few quick notes on Smallville -- Abandon. OMG! Like OMG! The ending was totally unexpected! What do you mean? Tess Mercer is Lionel's daughter? Seriously OMG! How will this play out in the up-coming episodes? I can't wait!!! I love Cassidy Freeman. It took awhile for me to like her back in season 8, but she can really act and she is awesome! I love the Lois in the Fortress scene. I love Erica Durance, she is a powerhouse actress, I really think she owns the role and she is the best Lois Lane ever! I love Jor-El and Lara-El giving a speech about how much they love Clark. Thanks to Lois, Clark is able to understand his father. The more we see Clark understanding the past and letting it go, the closer he is to becoming Superman. And this is why Lois is the one for Clark. Teri Hatcher is so in her element as Lois' mum, that scene is so emotional. Overall, a very well-done episode!

On the rating side, Smallville scored 2.77m in the first half hour, and it went up to 3.01m in the second half of the episode. While Supernatural was down, it scored around 2.07m & 2.08m for the night. I guess Friday night is getting competitive, but good thing Smallville and Supernatural are holding the fort for the CW on Friday night. Full rating report TVByTheNumbers.

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  1. It wasn't my favourite ep of the season, but I really liked the stuff with the brothers, how Dean is trying to balance out Sam and Sam finally coming clean. I'm looking forward to seeing them deal with this new honesty in their super dysfunctional relationship! I agree with you on the soul thing, I think they are going to get it back in a shifty way, or maybe Sam will learn and a soul is something that can regrow (for want of a better word). Hanging out for Edlund and the faeries next week.
    Nice write up Tiny :)


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