18 November 2010

I protest!! Jensen Ackles is the Sexiest Man Alive Ever!!!!

Thursday! I can't believe it's Thursday! It's almost too good to be true! Thank you Supernatural for putting a smile on my face :)

I think Misha is putting his own identity on the random videos he did. If you haven't watched Misha's latest video on YouTube, check out Operation Stealth Nugget on
YouTube. While you are there, you may as well subscribe to his channel.

OK.. here is something that got me excited about this week's Supernatural -- Clap Your Hand If You Believe. This week's episode pays homage to The X-Files. Supernatural doesn't have an opener like other shows, so this is a real treat for SPN and X-Files fans. Enjoy :)

People Magazine
has released this year's list of Sexiest Men Alive. Why isn't Jensen Ackles on this list? Well, obviously not everyone has good taste and probably the demo for People Magazine are blah blah blah. It's almost illegal to exclude Jensen Ackes on the list! Just because
Green Lantern is coming up, it doesn't make Ryan Reynolds any sexier. His wife, however, is another story. I do have a girl crush on Scarlett. And why is Bon Jovi on this year's list anyway? Here is a reminder why Jensen is the Sexiest Man Alive Ever .

Oh.. Someone used Jensen Ackles as an example on trending search pattern. Good woman!!! Full article here!

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