07 November 2010

Review: Supernatural 6.07 Crowley's Angels

I need no excuse for using this screen shot

6.07 Family Matters was directed by Guy Bee, who also directed season one's Asylum. Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin wrote the episode. Dabb and Loflin did another excellent job on the writing. I am not going to repeat what I've said earlier, but I think Dabb and Loflin are officially out of my bad books.

is not a crap show with crap recycled ideas and we all know it! This is why Supernatural is so awesome and other network/ studio drones can't top the awesomeness of the geniuses with minds like no others! The show has once again raised to the occasion.

We finally got some answers and we can move forward with the story. It's official, Sam's soul is still in hell; Grandpa is working for Crowley; Crowley is the Ring director who's been pulling the strings; not only purgatory exists, Crowley wants to find it and claim it; and the baddies know the weakness of the Winchesters and they continue to take advantage of it.

What an opportunity for Jared this season? How do you play the same character who isn't the same character?
Sam's soul is missing from his physical self. Not only he has no soul, he has no instinct and no compassion. The worst thing is, he doesn't know it. Sam can't tell the difference because he's gone Terminator, his physical self is not programed to feel. Dean is going to do what he does best to keep his brother in-line, he is the John Connor to his Terminator, he is going to micromanage Sam. Sorry Sam! I hate micromanagement too, it's something I hate to deal with in real life, I feel for you! One thing for sure, Sam still sides with Dean, I think deep down Sam knows he needs his big brother.

Supernatural is very good at incorporating multi-layer elements into the story. What would a soulless human do? It's a very interesting concept to explore in a show like Supernatural. Like Harry Potter, he is different from Voldermort because Harry has love and he is capable to love and feel. This soulless and purgatory business have lifted Supernatural into a whole new level of awesomeness.

Let's face it, Grandpa is no John Winchester, he is no Bobby or Rufus or Ellen, I don't think Grandpa is smart, I think his thinking is old school, he thinks he is an experienced hunter, but he is not. He is disconnected to the boys, he knows it and we all feel it. Family don't end with blood, Bobby is more a family than Samuel is a grandpa to the boys. The Winchesters have a habit of sacrificing themselves to save each other, I don't think Grandpa Samuel has this in him. I am sure we will see Grandpa again, but I think as far as the family is concerned, he is on his own.

OK so... Crowley is Charlie, Grandpa, Dean and Sam are his angels. That's pretty much the deal there!
Crowley is awesome! Mark Sheppard nails his performance once again. It's so enjoyable to watch Mark Sheppard on screen. I watched an episode of Chuck last week (season 3) with Sheppard as the Ring director, he is so good at every role he'd ever played!

Heaven is the territory of the angels, Hell is the demons'. Crowley is a demon, he is the King of Hell, but I think he wants his own territory, he wants a brand new toy. He is smart, he doesn't do this the hard way, he is going to claim the unclaimed territory - the purgatory. Again, this is another genius idea the writers came up with, instead of sticking to the usual angels, monsters and demons elements, it's very smart to introduce purgatory and I love it!

Hey, what are you searching down there?

Let's quickly touch on Castiel. Not only he is the funniest angel in the entire garrison, he is also the busiest. After Dean blasted at Cas in last episode, I don't think Cas wants to see Dean gets angry at him again! He just does whatever Dean asks him to do, "Clean up Sam." OK boss, your problem always comes first.

Supernatural doesn't introduce something without a purpose, I think all elements will arrive at a single point eventually. Now that the purgatory is introduced, will the angels or demons fight for this purgatory later in the story? How does the angels civil war fit into this storyarc? How do other supernatural beings like Balthazar fit into the overall picture or is he just a random character? I could see a showdown between Crowley and Castiel if this is the direction the season is heading. Surely if the angels find out about Crowley's plan, they will either stop it or claim the purgatory before Crowley does. Is Crowley just a developer? Is Crowley working for someone else? Where is Purgatory? Could Aurora in Dean's vision be the answer?

We have had some really dark and intense episodes the past few weeks. Looks like next week's All Dogs Go To Heaven will be another intense dark episode.
To me, season 6 is all about building up the suspense, while we are looking at the familiar characters and we know their history, new elements are being introduced but they are aligned with the spirit of the show. I am certain, not many showrunners in the business can nail this! Well done Sera Gamble and the gang!

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Regarding the Friday night rating, Supernatural was steady with
2.42m, Smallville was down a bit with 2.61m. Source: TVByTheNumbers

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