21 November 2010

Tiny Twitter Party: A Very Trickster Marathon (Sunday 5 Dec 2010, 1pm Sydney Time)

Tiny Twitter Party: A Very Trickster Marathon, Sunday 5 December, 1pm (Sydney Time)

This Supernatural rewatch is long overdue! The next rewatch is dedicated to the great Trickster aka Gabriel.
We all miss him soooo much :(

Sunday 5 Dec 2010
1pm Sydney time
Hashtag #Tricksterthon

If you're in a different time zone and need a clock converter, go to The World Clock Time Converter.

Episodes viewing in this order

Season 2 Tall Tales
Season 3 Mystery Spot
Season 5 Changing Channels
Season 5 Hammer of the Gods

Twitter Icon
To make it fun, I am going to change my Twitter icon to Trickster for this special occasion. Feel free to change yours too.

How to join the Tiny Twitter Party
You just need to be on Twitter. If you are not, just go to Twitter and sign up.

If you are on Twitter, here are three ways to join us:

Follow me HERE & HERE & HERE
(You must follow all the above accounts.)
Follow our tweets on TweetChat HERE

When tweeting feel free to add the hashtag, #Tricksterthon in your tweet.

Get your DVDs/ downloads/whatever ready! We start each episode from the "Previously On".

There will be a countdown so that we can all press the play button together. Don't worry if you are a few seconds or minutes in front or behind. Every 10 mins or so, I'll tweet the viewing time of the episode, so that you know where we are up to.

You are welcome to come in and out during the rewatch. We'll have a short break in between each episode.

Remember the Twitter Party is highly interactive. So don't just read our tweets or the episodes, join our conversation and make new friends.

Anyway, hope you can join us at A Very Trickster Marathon on Sunday 5 Dec, 1pm Sydney time. Got questions? Find me on Twitter or post a comment here.

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  1. Looking forward to it Tiny! Love me some Trickster!

    People taking part, please follow @AmyinSydney and @sweetondean


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