11 October 2009

Weekly love for Smallville, SGU and Glee

Apart from Supernatural, Smallville, SGU and Glee are the other shows that I love right now. Supernatural still sits high above Castiel's garrison.

The light stuff first...

Glee: Preggers was amazing. Kurt is so funny! I absolutely love the Football team dance! There isn't a dull moment in Glee so far and I love it. High School Musical move over!

Smallville: Rabid was full of zombie action and Clois. Despite what some fans said about Smallville, I really really like the Lois and Clark thing. I think it was beautifully done this week. I can't wait to see more Clois. Again, Erica Durance nailed the emotional scenes when she talked to Clark about the Blur and her feelings about being lonely. Not many actresses can do funny, smart, sexy and the emotional stuff all in one episode. I think she did that. Season 9 has been consistently good and satisfying.

In terms of rating and the new TV schedule of Smallville, I think it's a BIG mistake to separate Supernatural and Smallville from the Thursday night duo thing.
I know technology changes the way fans watch a TV show now and a lot of fans don't watch it live anyway. But still, look at the ratings! The ratings for both shows fell below 3.0 mil this week. Stats might be good if you just look at the demo and DVR stats (and may be iTune download). But these shows deserve more than this, and I blamed the CW for making this move. It's wrong! And they know it! It's still a friggin stupid decision to separate the 'Super' duo. These shows are on the wrong TV network!

SGU: Air Part 3 was a great episode. The characters seem to be a bit cold, I don't see the usual SG team dynamic yet. So far it's like nobody trusts anyone, Dr Rush seems to have his own agenda and he is a bit of a loner. Colonial Telford is part of the team, but he isn't physically there.
Colonial Young is the team leader, but we haven't seen much leadership from him so far. And then you have Lieutenant Scott who reminded me of Lieutenant Rainbow (I mean Lieutenant Ford from SGA) but smarter and has more leadership potential.

Don't get me wrong, the above points are a good thing. We won't see the usual formula, we won't see the team of four that made up of a Colonial, a
Lieutenant, a scientist and an Alien. SGU has more misfit characters and they will face more challenges than any other SG teams. Like O'Neill said, nobody is qualified to save the galaxy but they have to do it.

Overall, the pace of the episode is a bit slow. However, I am so impressed with the use of Ancient Communication Stone in the story. This device is going to give the series plenty of flexibilities. Not only we will see stuff happening on the ship, new worlds and new technology in the new galaxy but the
Ancient Communication Stone will cross over back to earth where other characters such as Telford and O'Neill are. Hopefully we will see more crossover later, I really want to see more Carter and Jackson.. perhaps a crossover with the Atlantis crew. Don't forget this is part of the one franchise. You are only limited by your imagination. There are still plenty of stuff to explore in the Stargate franchise. Robert Cooper and Brad Wright are one of the smartest show runners in the business, I can't wait to see more stuff from them.

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