22 October 2009

New segment: This week on Twitter

Here is a new segment called This Week on Twitter. As you know, a number of Supernatural stars are active on Twitter. Before you go crazy, please note, Jensen and Jared are NOT on Twitter or Facebook or Myspace or any social networking sites. Here are a list of Supernatural cast members who are on Twitter.

So anyway, they are great people to follow. Their tweets are witty, nice and down to earth. So every week, I am going to pick one (or two) of their tweets and share with you here.

Jim Beaver
Recent Tweet: 'Heading to work on Supernatural episode 10. Gonna party like it's the last time.'

(WTF?! Is Bobby going to die???)

Recent Tweet: 'You guys sure worry a lot. I'm not saying there's nothing to worry about. But you sure do it well!'

Misha Collins
Recent Tweet: "I screwed up. Obama asked me for help persuading the Olympic committee to pick Chicago, but I accidentally called Nobel headquarters."

Mark Sheppard
Recent Tweet: 'Jared and Jensen are two of the nicest guys you could meet...'

Amy Gumenick (aka Young Mary Campbell-Winchester)
Recent Tweet: 'Grey's Anatomy, Supernatural and Bones, oh my!! what a great night :)'

Hehe.. a big shout out to Supernatural. I wish she didn't mentioned Grey's! I wonder which shows Amy watched live and DVR? Humm..

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Notice any blog worthy Tweets? Send me a link.

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