22 October 2009

Upcoming episodes; news digest

Hello! I've been missing in action due to work. I've been working on the weekend and I've only managed to have some 'me time'.

Supernatural is on a mini hiatus. All new episodes will return on 29th October. Here is a summary of what's coming up.

29th October: The Curious Case of Dean Winchester
Written by Sera Gamble
& Jenny Klein
Directed by Robert Singers

Dean and Sam discover a witch (guest star Hal Ozsan) is running a high-stakes poker game where the currency is life years vs. money. Bobby (Jim Beaver) sees the game as a chance to get out of the wheelchair and bets 25 years, but loses. As Bobby begins to age rapidly, Dean steps in to save him but also ends up turning into an old man, leaving Sam holding the bag for their survival.

5th November: Changing Channels
Written by Jeremy Carver
Directed by Charles Beeson

Synopsis: When Sam and Dean find themselves living their lives on what appear to be TV shows, it makes for a whole new style of reality television and they wonder if the Trickster (guest star Richard Speight, Jr.) is to blame. From a sitcom to a soapy hospital drama to a Japanese game show to a crime procedural, each new experience they encounter is more bizarre than the next and they want out. But is the Trickster really the mastermind behind the madness?

(Expect to see Dean and Sam in Japanese TV game show and a mash up of other popular TV shows. This would have been an awesome episode to have a Smallville/ Supernatural crossover if you are one of those fans who dream of this to happen!)

12th November: The Real Ghostbusters

Will we see the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man?

19th November: Abandon All Hope
Written by Ben Edlund
Directed by Phil Sgriccia

There is going to be a Castiel and Lucifer showdown. Not sure if this will take place in this episode. But we will see Mark Sheppard to make an appearance as a demon. Also expect to see the return of the Colt or at least the mention of it. This is the mid-season finale, so this is going to be epic!

Misha Collins mentioned about the
Castiel and Lucifer showdown in this interview recently. Check it out on TV Guide here.

Date to be advised: Sam, Interrupted
Written by Andrew Dabb and Dan Loflin

Directed by Jim Conway

No official synopsis. This episode is currently being filmed.

Also, in the up-coming episodes, 2 of our favorite characters will die and Anna is going to make a come back.

Source: SpoilerTV, Wikipedia and Hunters' Addict.

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