11 October 2009

After-thoughts: Episode 5.05 Fallen Idols

Fallen Idols.. humm... Fallen Idols... What do I think about Fallen Idols? There are irrelevant things I like in this episode, but not the story itself. Don't get me wrong, this is a nice little fun filler episode, it's good to have a break from the mytho heavy episodes. BUT man, I miss mytho heavy stuff!

Here are the things I like:

Dean has a new toy! Sam's silver laptop has been around for a long time and Dean uses it sometimes. But in this episode, we see Dean has his own laptop. It's black. I guess after a short break from his brother, Dean decided to get his own laptop.

Save Dr Carson Beckett. But he didn't do it! Stargate Atlantis' Paul McGillion was this guy who found his friend's dead body in the garage. He was accused of the murder but of course he didn't do it.

PS* I cannot watch SGA: Sunday again, I cannot watch Carson died again. I know he came back later but I don't want to see Carson got blown up again.

Soon. But not soon enough. I friggin LOVE the 'Soon' preview clip. We will see Supernatural's own version of End of Days; The Curious Case of XXX; I Survived A Japanese Game Show; Grey's; CSI and sitcom.. What's not to love about Supernatural?

To end this rather short and not really a review on Fallen Idols. I thought the storyline was ok. It wasn't as funny as I thought it would be. Paris was better than I expected, it was professionally done. Seeing Dean's ass got kicked by her and Jared chopping her head off like crazy was awesome. The re-establishing trust thing of the brothers was good, the speech by Sam saying that he wants Dean to let him to grow up and Dean let him to drive the Impala was heart-warming.

There are episodes (such as Monster at the End of the Book; The End; Lucifer Rising just to name few) I'd watch over and over again immediately after it aired. But Fallen Idols isn't one of them.

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