22 July 2013

SDCC 2013 -- Marvel Rules (Part 2): Captain America Winter Soldier; Thor Dark World; Tom Hiddleston Wins Cosplay as Loki; Avengers Age of Ultron

Earlier on Marvel took the stage at Hall H and revealed more than I am hoping for. I was secretly hoping Marvel to announce the cast of Avengers 2 (aka Avengers: Age of Ultron), but seeing they have a few things to release before they wrap phase II with Avengers, I completely understand and still in love with Marvel. Don't announce anything else until I get to SDCC next year!

I cannot think of a better way to start this. Marvel has a history of blowing Hall H's roof off the planet -- the announcement of the cast of Avengers, RDJ danced his way in to Hall H with the Iron Man hand, and now Tom Hiddleston's appearance in character. There is something different and something to talk about every year!

Tom Hiddleston has shown us THIS IS HOW YOU DO COSPLAY! I thought Andrew Garfield's in full Spidey costume yesterday was admirable, but Tom took this to the next level! Can anyone top that? No! The crowd went nuts! LOKI LOKI LOKI LOKI!!!!!! 

I didn't want to have dinner and chant all night! He's turned me! LOKI LOKI LOKI LOKI LOKI LOKI!!!!!! Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman weren't there, which to me was disappointing. But Tom Hiddleston's introduction as Loki was more than enough for me to forgive the cast for not being there! I know Thor the Dark World will be good. It can't go wrong! 

Then, it was the Captain America Winter Soldier panel. While there weren't any major spoilers that I didn't know about, I am impressed by the cast's commitment for being there. I make no apology when I say I need more Chris Evans and Scarlett Johannson now! They are so adorable and pretty. It isn't the first time they work together. Happiness!!! 

Tom is like.. what's wrong with you people? You came unprepared?
There are a number of [SPOILER] photos from the set. I NEED TO WATCH THIS MOVIE NOW!!! More wrap up can be read at ComicBookMovie.

And of course, the next big news is the announcement of the title of the next Avengers movie! it's not Avengers 2, technically it is, but it has been named AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON. IGN has this really good reaction piece with a bit of history of Ultron. The guys always talk about Cap, Thor and Guardians

There is no announcement of cast for AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, but I think with Thor and Cap are waiting in the wing to take off, to announce the cast will be a bit premature.  


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