12 July 2013

A Supernatural Cape -- Ah... Yes.. That's What I Just Said

Just when I thought things can't get anymore awesome, I saw the follow images this morning. I am not recovering well.

As you can imagine, I am crying. Why am I not at SDCC this year? Why do I live so far from the home of Supernatural and pop culture? Why am I not wearing this cape right friggin now? I needed professional help, and I advised my HOTLINE to keep her four eyes on eBay evilbay.

The WBTV Official Web and Huffington Post have full details about the WB sponsored showbags. The shows featured on this year's SDCC bags include Supernatural, Arrow, The Big Bang Theory, Revolution, The Following, The Vampire Diaries and The LEGO® Movie etc. They are all backpacks. Every attendee will get a showbag which is distributed randomly at registration. More than 130,000 bags are produced. Apparently fans do trade during the convention. So if I carry Kevin Bacon's face on my back, and you have a Supernatural bag that I want, let's trade. LET'S. But since I am not going, I'll look at my own *sad face*. I will buy this if you are selling. Contact me right now on Twitter! @tinybeanie  

Remember the special hotel key cards? Supernatural was on a hotel key cards a few years back. This year, WB put Person of Interest on the key card. Press release here

It will be super cool to have Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D on the key cards. Then again, I AM NOT THERE, AM I? They are on the trolleys. Still cool! Can I have one?

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