16 April 2013

Supernatural: Character Spoilers

If you haven't heard, a number of characters will return to Supernatural -- including Sarah Blake (Taylor Cole), who we saw in Provenance in season one; Alaina Huffman's Abaddon who appeared in one of my favorite episodes this season, As Time Goes By; and according to Jeremy Carver's interview with EW, at least one more character who will come from even earlier in the show’s history. 

OK.. Here is my two cents:

I hardly rewatch Provenance and to be completely honest, I don't really care so much about Sarah's return. For now anyway. It's like saying, Martin returns.. yay! Ah.. not really. 

But the second character spoiler is more than awesome! Abaddon is tied to the mytho of Men of Letters, and you know how much I am obsessed with MoL! Yes, the demon appeared to be dead, her head got chopped of and all, but what do I know?! For her to appear in the season finale, it gets me so excited and crazy right now!

What's even more exciting and crazy, according to the EW's interview with Jeremy Carver, there is another character who will come back from further than Sarah. Who would this be? Jess? John? Mary? Ed and Harry? Meg? Missouri? The question is -- how significant is this unknown returning character? 

What do you think? Right now, I wish it was John Winchester as in Jeffrey Dean Morgan or

Source: SpoilerTV and EW 


  1. Of course I wish this character to be Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Who else would be so much important not only for this season but for the next season as well.
    Imagine John, Dean and Sam together! Best set ever.
    P.S. Sorry for my english.

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      Yes, JDM would be awesome! He is a busy man but a fan can hope :)

      I was also thinking if it's trial and Sam related, it could be Jess.

      Can't wait for find out who is it!



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