23 April 2013

[Update] Australian Viewers: ARROW on Channel Nine

[April 23, 2013]

So, I saw Channel Nine advertising Arrow last night during The Voice. It said Arrow is coming 'Wednesday week' after The Voice. So there you go! Why is it so hard to just say the DATE? May be it's a curse? What's with this 'Wednesday week' crap? 

Why is Channel Nine using the image of the Bank of China building in Hong Kong on the landing page of Arrow is beyond me! I get the whole Island thing is set in Lian Yu, somewhere in North China Sea, but then again...[I must not be rude...]

What's happening with The Following then? Not that I care, but it's going to be on the Tuesday slot.

Channel Nine better stick to the show. I hate to see Arrow being treated badly by the network.

[April 17, 2013]

I am very confused. Despite the announcement of the Australian premier date for Arrow on the Channel Nine Facebook page, it didn't happen last night! 

I am very confused. Today, when I looked at their Facebook page, fans are asking why. According to some comment, TV Guide actually advertised for time slot for Arrow too. But instead of airing Arrow, Channel Nine aired The Following

I am very confused. Why people in charge still have a job, is beyond me. Arrow deserves to be in a better network that respect viewers and actually try to promo their shows and stick to it, like Eleven.

[April 8, 2013]

No kidding. This is bad marketing. If the show is not ready to be aired for whatever reasons, don't advertise it. It's been six months since Channel Nine started advertising Arrow -- from one of the 'Must see TV dramas for 2013' to 'After Easter'. I saw the sneak peek last night on Channel Nine, I was excited but then I told my friends "they are not going to announce the date". My friends are not genre shows viewers, but they too notice the promo has been going on forever, they agree it looks like a great show. What's the hold up? 

It's like you've been engaged forever but never got married. Eventually you question the commitment and got pissed off and call off the engagement. Everything goes south!

I know how teasers work, but this is INSANE! Six months of promoting the show but without airing it, is just plain crazy. My point is, Channel Nine doesn't have to promo the show at all until they now for sure when to air it. One or two months top, may be, but six months? They are toying with their viewers. Eventually nobody cares or watches the show and then the network executives would say "well, that was a waste of money".

The network is doing great in promoting the show on TV (great clips) and on the web. It gets people excited for six months. Viewers are so intrigued about the show, they get to the point where they cannot wait and download it elsewhere on the internet. Good job for encouraging illegal download! 

I just read the Channel Nine Facebook page, silly really. It seems to me that Channel Nine just announced the air date while replying a comment on Facebook. It's the classic "oh btw.. yeah, it premiers on April 16 at 8:30pm." WHY WOULD YOU ANNOUNCE THE AIR DATE ON FACEBOOK LIKE THIS? Wow! Nothing makes sense to me anymore. And I shouldn't be the one who blog about the premier date! This marketing strategy is frustrating! You've been doing great promo, make the most of it and announce it probably!

Anyway, the air date is Tuesday, April 16 at 8.30pm, according to the Channel Nine Facebook page.

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