10 April 2013

My Two Cents -- Marvel's Iron Man III; Captain America Winter Solder

Since The Avengers took the world by storm, the movie landscape has been a bit flat to me. I am a fangirl who loves my superhero action movies. And you know how excited I am about Marvel's Phase II. I have already lined up my Iron Man III weekend, and I am super excited to see news about Captain America: Winter Solder.

I went to watch G.I Joe a few weeks ago because I have freebie. I don't get the movie, except it was crap. The best thing about the movie was the Iron Man III trailer. Yay!

What's more exciting is that Captain America: Winter Solder has began its production and it's been confirmed Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) will be heavily involved in the plot. You know I love her with Captain America! I can't get over how funny this duo is, because I watched and loved The Nanny Diaries. More on Captain America: Winter Solder, check out here

Marvel's Phase II aside, I am also excited about Star Trek: To the Darkness. I have officially caught up with all previous interviews by Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto. They are funny, did you know that? 

Thank goodness exciting movies are just around the corner!

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