22 April 2013

Game of Thrones 'And Now His Watch Has Ended' - A Review [or something like that]

"I am Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, of the blood of Old Valyria. Valyrian is my mother-tongue... Dumb ass!" 

I could not stand Kraznys mo Nakloz! I don't remember hating him this much when I read the book. DUMB ASS! He was one stupid dumb ass who was dumb and stupid. This scene was more epic than the book in my opinion. As you know, books have a lot of details, so it is super amazing to me that the TV series gave me the goosebumps I did not expect to get. I cannot describe how much I LOVE THIS SCENE!

Daenerys delivered one of the most epic scenes of the entire series so far -- the birth of the Dragons and the Battle of the Blackwater being the others. Viewers will forever remember how Daenerys destroyed Kraznys and commanded her army in And Now His Watch Has Ended -- 'The Daenerys March' was as epic as Lord of the Rings! An army of unsullied was led by Daenerys Stormborn, with her Queen's Guards behind her and her dragons flying over them. On an epic scale of ten, it was a ten out of ten in my opinion.

This was a life-changing moment for Daenerys as a true Targaryen, as a Leader and as a Queen, who possessed a unique leadership style and disliked the concept of 'slavery'. I don't think there has been a life-changing moment for Daenerys since the season one finale. She is ready to sit on the Iron Throne! 

Daenerys is one of my favorite characters because I think she has the most interesting backstory. Her character is great in the book, but I think the TV series presents her character with exceptional clarity, strength and power. You see it, you feel it. And Now His Watch Has Ended has the finest moments so far for the show and for Daenerys Stormborn. Emilia Clarke could so get a Golden Globe or Emmys nomination from this scene alone.

GHD and hot rollers are essential items in Daenery's travel bag.
When Daenerys mounted the white horse and addressed the unsullied, her manner resonated Khal Drogo's commending style. There is no doubt she misses him and her whole life is about learning to commend and listen to her own voice. When Daenerys was talking to Kraznys, she was channelling her inner Drogo -- this was what her Sun and Stars would do. This part of Daenerys' story totally exceeds my expectation! 

I know I have a thing about the TV series not doing anything about Daenerys' prophesies (which I love!). I wonder how Daenerys will be continuously be written and developed on the show. I am so intrigued I cannot even process it right now.

Westeros Kings and Queens have no bloody idea who's coming for them! Absolutely NO IDEA!

One other thought: I feel completely sorry for Jaime and Theon. What goes around, comes around? I almost wanted to fast-forward all the Theon's scenes, because I find it so hard to read his chapters and his torture. I thought if I could survive 24, I could survive Theon, but this is on a completely separate level. And yes, sorry Theon, only if you knew before!

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