07 April 2013

Review: Supernatural 'Taxi Driver'

There are so many things to discuss about the recent episode of Supernatural, Taxi Driver. Let me start by saying, Taxi Driver may not be the best written episode ever in the history of Supernatural, but it was very solid. There wasn't one dull moment in this episode. It was a gripping 40 minute of good television with some really heartfelt dialogues and great acting. Guy Bee is a seasoned director, he is the Jon Favreau of Supernatural. I really love the look and feel of the episode. Writers, Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner, can tackle serious topics, which are getting harder but more fun to write, because the grey area is getting bigger as our characters and stories are evolving from the classic 'black and white' scenarios.

This is the first time we see Hell and Purgatory appeared in one episode. And it is officially the first time we see Hell -- not from Sam's hallucination or Dean's flashback, or the Hell tour Crowley gave Cas back in season six -- but the actual bloody Hell! And hell yeah, it was bloody awesome! I heard the coffee is good down there? 

I love the idea that Hell's backdoor was a rabbit hole located in Purgatory. I was really blown away by the Hell's gate located Wyoming, because I worship Samuel Colt. But this rabbit hole idea was pretty good. It was a backdoor, not a grand entrance. I can live with it the fact that it was located in some tree with some rock. I also love how Taxi Driver showed us some distinctive visual features of Earth, Purgatory and Hell.

Sam's hair was nicely styled.
I love the idea of sending Sam to Purgatory because he got first hand experience of what Dean went through and saw what Purgatory was like. I do think Sam's journey into Hell and Purgatory was a bit rush and looked too easy. And after a year in Hell with Lucifer and Michael, Sam didn't look as freaked out as I expected. But it was still awesome. This episode was very ambitious but at the same time the story was well planned and paced. I really like the fact that Sam had a good interaction with Bobby (it was great to see Jim Beaver on my TV). The scene seemed a little rush but I get it because you can only fit so much in a 40 minute script. Too bad Sam didn't get to explain to Bobby why he didn't look for Dean; Bobby didn't get to see Dean in the flash and gave him a hug; and Bobby didn't have the time to understand why Benny was a buddy.

I love Sam finally had an opportunity to see who Benny really was. Benny may be a vampire, but it didn't mean he was a monster with an evil heart. Like, just because you are human, it didn't mean you are 'good' by default. Keep in mind this has been a bit of a recurring theme in the past few seasons -- the boundary of good and evil became blurry, challenging our perspectives. And I think this challenge is underrated and sometimes misunderstood.

I love LOVE LOVE the Dean and Benny scene. To me, it was one of the most memorable scenes in season eight. Jensen Ackles and Ty Olsson had brilliant on-screen chemistry. I feel really sorry for Benny. It really killed Dean to ask Benny to be killed and to return to Purgatory to save Sam. Ty Olsson was brilliant in this scene and I really… OMG… why can't men act like that in real life? And I love the fact that Dean gave two hugs in this episode -- one for Sam and one for Benny -- was awesome! I love hugs. Poor guy! 

I am jamming Crazy in Love.. oh-o!
I am a fan of Benny and I have discussed the construct of his character before. I really like that the way he was written this season -- he may be a vampire but he wasn't a monster because he had a good soul. Dean is a universal treasure with a good heart and soul, he may be a hunter but he is not like other hunters who kills for joy and revenge. As mentioned in earlier episodes, Dean and Benny felt pure when they were in Purgatory. It was just so sad to Benny to admit that he didn't belong anyway. He did what he came back to do, and now he felt crap because he didn't belong and had no friends. Oh gosh I love him! I hope he returns later! 

While Sam was off for the second trial, Dean was off taking care of Kevin and cooked for him! I really like the fact that the brothers didn't forget Kevin and to embrace him as a friend. I really like the fact that Dean and Sam are on the same page and they are exactly where they should be in terms of hunting/ saving people and life. Both Sam and Dean gave Kevin some advice on separate occasions, and their message was the same for Kevin -- with great power came great responsibility. Life would never be the same again. Through the interaction with Kevin about his job and responsibility, Dean and Sam both showed clarity and maturity in their thinking. It wasn't like they were telling Kevin different things, they were telling Kevin the same thing. It wasn't like they just wanted to whine about stuff to other people, Dean and Sam had a very clear idea about their jobs. It wasn't so much about whether or not Kevin would accept their advice, it was about showing how clear and mature Dean and Sam are right now. 

Moving on to Naomi. Interesting! OK, so she acts like she is helping the Winchesters out of the goodness of her heart. Perspective is one of the recurring themes this season. May be she doesn't see this as 'manipulation' or whatever, because that's how she is programmed to think. Supernatural has been giving us something a bit different this season -- Meg as the 'good guy', Benny as the 'good vampire', 'friendly' witches and werewolves are not unheard of. We have seen how angels behave on the shows and they are dicks. I am kinda guessing may be Naomi will surprise us? It's expected of her to be an ass, a bitch and a liar. But Supernatural is capable in throwing the curve ball. What if the current event and interaction with Dean and Sam change her the way that it changed Cas? Just saying. I can't imagine Supernatural would give us another Uriel, Zach or Michael. I am keeping an open mind about her and will see where the show takes her. I love Amanda Tapping, I am just so happy that she is on the show.

And then there was Crowley. I think I was seeing a different Crowley in this episode. I think he was getting desperate. Taxi Driver showed us Crowley was not happy to be in the dark, not knowing what the boys were up to. He was frustrated that his Hellhound was killed and Kevin was still missing from his sight. He was angry that his demons were not doing their jobs and failing to see the urgency of their kind was under threat. Crowley was so used to sealing deals, getting what he wanted but he hadn't been successful. I am seeing a vulnerable King of Hell. It's almost like he was becoming obsessed in finding what the Winchesters are up to. Crowley was so close in getting the angel tablet, locking Bobby back to Hell and finding Kevin, but he just couldn't get things done.

And what about Kevin? I love Kevin! I really like Osric Chau on the show. He is just awesome! So adorable! Is it just me or do you think the brothers should've moved Kev to the MoL bunker? But again, I guess if things went crap, MoL would be gone, like Bobby's house. Anyway, I love that Kevin has become this crazy prophet who is paranoid about things. I love the development of his character. The tablet had driven him crazy but I love how much he cared and stressed out, making him so cute. Chuck was a different prophet to Kevin. Chuck got headaches, he got drunk, he was a commercial author. Chuck was protected, so he didn't need to learn about using guns and making demon bombs to protect himself. But Kevin did, because he was on his own as a prophet. I think Kevin was definitely hallucinating. He was seeing the windows cracked and Crowley appeared. But when Dean and Sam got there in the last scene, the windows went back to normal. So after having a dialogue with a few tweeps, I believe that Kevin has gone complete nuts and he just left. I hope Kevin is ok and I hope Cas would return and help. I know he would.

So, in the end, Sam successfully completed the second trial. It was painful to see Sam in pain. It must hurt Dean so much to see his little brother to suffer. Overall, I think the second trial was so much more interested than the first one. In comparison, the first trial was a bit light, almost weak. The second trial had so much more meat in it and the story, characters, everything was so way better. Will we see the last trial by the end of the season or will it drag to season nine? Behold of a cliffhanger -- it is known, Supernatural does amazing cliffhanger. So I wonder what it will be.

Supernatural is on a tiny hiatus and will return on April 24 with Pac-Man Fever. I am having a moment. Dean Winchester, you sexy thing in uniform!!! A Robbie Thompson episode directed by Robert Singer with Felicia Day in it? Like.. Hello? I am so excited in every sense of the word.

Jensen totally has the Captain America Steve Rogers look. Oh crap. I can't help it!

8.20 Pac-Man Fever

DEAN INTRODUCES CHARLIE TO CHEAP PANTSUITS — Concerned about the physical toll the second trial took on Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean (Jensen Ackles) benches his brother from hunting until he heals up. So, when geektastic hacker Charlie (guest star Felicia Day) stumbles upon a case and finds the boys, Dean decides it’s time to teach Charlie how to be a hunter-in-training. While happy to see 'her highness', the boys suspect Charlie is hiding something; a secret that could get her killed. Robert Singer directed the episode written by Robbie Thompson.


  1. Thanks Tiny!

    The script may have taken a few liberties but the emotion that it offered the cast to play with made everything else inconcequential.

    This episode had such emotional power and the cast was on point in every scene. I really loved this episode for that reason. Because this show is all about the humanity of the characters and their relationships and that's what this episode captured.

    It's like you said last week, this isn't a show about Heaven and Hell and monsters and demons, it's a show about people, about relationships, about love, about family, about loyalty and about what we'll do to honour all of these and this episode managed to highlight all of that. That's why I thought it was a highlight of season 8.

    Thanks for the review Tiny! Dean in a uniform.... HOOOOT!!!!! I CAN NOT WAIT!

    1. Thanks Amy.. well said! Indeed! While the old elements and the brothers dynamics are still very much intact, we are seeing the evolution of the brothers, other characters and mythos, which is something new. The 'new' stuff integrates nicely without wracking it. I really respect the decisions made for such evolution. Kudos to all, especially Jeremy Carver!


  2. Nicely tackled Tiny! I really felt that this week's episode was all that the love about the show, despite what some "reviewers or fans" thought. I've never been into analysing each mm of footage or history to see if everything fits perfectly. I go with the idea that it does & enjoy the ride. If something stands out like dog balls I might pick at it, but in my eyes I could see nothing wrong.

    I'm glad that I was not alone. Bring on next week!!! -Deanie_24

    1. Thanks V. I also heard about other negativity. I thought about reading them but you know what? You can't win these people. While I am sure I can present a good case, but who cares? Like you, I am just enjoying the ride and write down my thoughts. I am not convincing others to buy what I review, watching and reviewing the show I love so much is for the tiny old me!

      Next episode, Dean in uniform. HOLY DEAN WINCHESTER BATMAN!



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