26 October 2011

Joss Whedon Goes Shakespeare with Much Ado About Nothing

At last year's SDCC, Joss referred to his Avengers cast as "his dream team". As perfect as the Avengers cast is, long time die hard fans know THE Joss Whedon dream team is not the Joss Whedon dream team until you hear names such as Nathan Fillion and Amy Acker.

So, the news is out! Joss completed a 12 day shoot of Much Ado About Nothing, a film based on a Shakespeare play. Joss shot the film in his house in Santa Monica, California with cast so big, I cannot contain my excitement!

Amy Acker — Beatrice
Alexis Denisof — Benedick
Nathan Fillion — Dogberry
Clark Gregg — Leonato
Reed Diamond — Don Pedro
Fran Kranz — Claudio
Sean Maher — Don John
Spencer Treat Clark — Borachio
Riki Lindhome — Conrade
Ashley Johnson — Margaret
Emma Bates — Ursula
Tom Lenk — Verges
Nick Kocher — First Watchman
Brian McElhaney — Second Watchman
Joshua Zar — Leonato’s aide
Paul M. Meston — Friar Francis
Romy Rosemont — The Sexton
And introducing Jillian Morgese as Hero

According to the press release, "Much Ado About Nothing is the first feature Bellwether, a micro-studio created by Joss Whedon and Kai Cole for the production of small, independent narratives for all media, embracing a DIY ethos and newer technologies for, in this particular case, a somewhat older story." I love the idea!!

For someone like Joss to make a movie with a cast this big without any leak to the media, is amazing! He really has a group of very loyal friends -- people who love what they do, love the art, love and respect Joss!

To read all about Much Ado About Nothing, check out the Official Website and Wired.

I don't know about you, but this is the next most exciting thing next to the release of the Avengers!

Joss, thank you for being so awesome!!

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