11 October 2011

Tuesday Edition - Supernatural Toronto Con Stuff

I love convention weekends.. I know what it's like to be at a Supernatural convention and I can so feel the excitement. I am just so happy for fans who made it the cons and had an awesome time with the cast.

I was dying for some high quality photos from fans. Time after time I am amazed about how much cameras love the boys! They are oh so hot!

CreationCon has once again done an awesome job on producing Salute to Supernatural Toronto 2011. If you want the highlight of everything, I strongly recommend the following links.
  • ontd_spnparty has compiled a collection of tweets on every panel
  • wolfling has a collection of amazingly HOT photos of Jensen and Jared and other guests
  • xsaragdalyx also has some amazing photos of the guests.. and thank you for taking a photo of the buffet station at the breakfast, I always want to know what they have on the menu! I can't wait to go to Nashcon!
  • Mitosis has a FANTABULOUS collection of HD photos on Flickr. This is a MUST for all fans!
AH! I can't wait for Nashcon next year!!! To read my previous Supernatural convention experience in LA earlier this year, check them out here

Peace out!

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