23 October 2011

Review: Supernatural 7.05 Shut Up! Dr Phil

We know Kung-Fu!
It's not like I don't like the filler-the-monster-of-the-week episodes, it's just that I love the mytho heavy episodes in the past (and always) more. For some reasons, this is the first time in awhile that I welcome a good and fun filler episode such as Shut Up! Dr Phil. I don't know why, I guess I was just so bothered by last week's episode, I really don't like the whole putting Dean on trial thing, I don't like the idea of making Dean feels guilty. I know it only makes him more human, and I get it, but again it's the writing and the material I don't like. I officially hate Defending Your Life. May be that's why I welcome a fun filler like Shut Up! Dr Phil. Have you guys seen the funny version of Dean and Sam in the motel room? I couldn't stop laughing when I saw the actual footage. That was awesome!

There are a couple of Awesomesauces I would like to discuss this week. First of all, how often do we hear a dude screaming in the opening of a Supernatural episode? That was as awesome as Dean screaming at a cat in Yellow Fever. The dude was not good, he was very good. One thing Supernatural does really well was the scare tactics. The anticipation of Wendy getting electrocuted was well paced, it came down to the writing and the editing I guess. That was awesome!

Although Jim Beaver wasn't in the episode, but Bobby's grumpy-old-man-badass attitude was so well told through Dean's phone dialogue with him. You can just imagine the look on Bobby's face when Dean was speaking to him over the phone.

Speaking of a missing regular, I love the idea of having Cas appeared in Dean's dream. Poor guy, he must be stress! Dean feels crap about everything -- from friends' deaths to not being able to save everyone -- there is always something eating in him, that's him. When something bad happened, he feels responsible, it's always his bad. If Amy Pond kills again, it's on him. If Sam goes dark side, it's on him. The Hero syndrome -- every hero has it, Jack Bauer, Jack Shephard -- that's who they are, they are not the sharing type. It's hard to be a hero's friend or family. 

I don't know why, but you can tell when the writers had fun writing the episode. The thought process like adding a bit of gore here and there was very well done in Shut Up! Dr Phil. "There were tiny beating hearts in my cupcakes" was awesome! I gotta say, writers Brad Buckner and Eugene Ross-Leming really nailed it this time! The last time they wrote for Supernatural.. well…. 99% of us didn't like racist monster truck.

There were other random dialogues in this episode, which I love! We know everything about the victim! Dewey Stevens, Rotarian, Methodist, tenor, blue ribbon pecan pie champ, asthmatic…It's a small community in Prosperity.

I don't know about you but I wouldn't be able to keep a straight face when I know I am talking to Agent Sambora, whose sides are poking out. 

I love the idea of having Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters in the witch version of War of the Roses (it could've been Mr and Mrs Smith). James and Charisma were so cool! They were both very comfortable in their roles and they nailed it. There were sparks between the Starks. It was awesome! I cannot think of another actor and actress who could play Don and Maggie. James Marsters had the George Clooney vibe and Charisma's hair.. OMG.. I love her hair and her party dress. I sense a return! I don't think it's a random idea from the writers to reveal Don's power to us -- he could petrify a Leviathan. Supernatural doesn't throw an idea out there and not follow through (except Grandpa.. but let's just pretend that didn't happen at all) Surely the Starks need to come back to help the boys, right?

It's not very often we see the Winchesters not finishing a job by killing the monsters. Especially in the monster-of-the-week type of episodes, they killed off most monsters 90% of the time. Occasionally Dean and Sam let them go, for example the vampire Lenore and this time they spare the lives of the Starks. May be the witches are too powerful and may be it's a 'better-get-out-of-there-thanks-for-saving-our-lives' type of situation.

Btw, let the poor man have his pie!!

Anyway, overall, Shut Up! Dr Phil was a great filler episode with a little bit of the Leviathans element. The Cheeseman is stunned but will return. Stay turned for next week's episode Slash Fiction… I love you Honey Bunny!

The CW also released another teaser about what's coming! Mr Gibbs anyone? Check out that promo at SpoilerTV.

If you missed Supernatural on MTV'10 on Top, here is it!!! Take the mystery spot tour with Jensen and Jarpad. Apology for the lame introduction!

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  1. I am totally over Amy Pond. She's dead. Good I'm Glad.
    Ohh but she was killing low lives.
    Yeah well so was Cas and they were going to try and end him too. So stop it. Get it out in the open and deal with it.

    What I did enjoy about this reference Stark. Iron Man v the man who should have been Captain America. :P


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