02 June 2011

Thursday edition -- I have moved on, digitally

Teeny forwarded an email to me today -- the remaining nine Borders stores in Australia will close by the end of July. I admit, I can't remember the last time I walked into a retail bookstore like Borders, but I do enjoy the retail experience. Whenever I am there, I always pick up a magazine or a book, grab a coffee and sit there to read it. For Sydnersiders, you may know bookstores such as Berkelouw and Ariel in Paddington, I still enjoy visiting them and I hope they stick around because despite my digital habit, I still go out! Yes, I do!

I am someone who move around a lot and I hate packing, but I hate unpacking more! The last time I moved out of my apartment, I was mortified when I looked at all my CDs from the pre-iTune era (yeah, remember CDs?) I was like WHY ARE YOU OCCUPYING MY SPACE? My books and magazines don't scare me as much, I still like them. Especially my collections of IdN. I love IdN because each issue is unique, from the design to the actual paper stocks. I don't think I'll enjoy it as much if I read it in digital format.

Space is an issue to me. I live in a small apartment, I only have one bookshelf and I have no space for any additional crap. But crap is unavoidable, so I started putting some of my books and DVDs into my retired bar fridge, it's a good little thing for storage.

My habit has certainly changed over the past two years in terms of buying books and DVDs from Amazon, and buying music from iTune. I can't remember the last time I bought a CD. Since I got an iPad last year, I have been reading ebooks on it. When it comes to TV shows and movies, I still prefer the actual disk and watch it on my TV. Beside, my internet speed and limit aren't the best, I can only download two TV shows max on a weekly basis.

I wonder what's on Jensen's iPad..

A few nights ago, I was hoping to get the latest tie-in novel Supernatural: One Year Gone in a digital format. But guess what? It's available as ebook in other regions, but you can't download it if you're in Australia. If I order it from Amazon, even with the express delivery I still have to wait for a few days. It probably has something to do with the distribution rights and costs, but here is the thing, despite the fact that all-things-digital are playing an integral part of our life (more than you know it), the industry is still in the transition/ limbo stage. Take my case as an example, I am a consumer, when I want something, I kinda expect to get it RIGHT NOW. If Supernatural: One Year Gone is released in a digital format, why can't I just download it despite where I am physically or geographically? And if I wait for the book to arrive in a bookstore in Australia, not only I have to wait but the book will be expansive to buy. And if I wait for the discount sale, well.. I'll wait longer. By then, I probably don't remember what I have been waiting for -- perhaps Waiting for My Book: One Year Gone?

I have been doing some research lately on social media, mobile, Square, Google digital wallet and other technology innovations. Consumer technology is moving at an unprecedented pace. My mother would say we are either getting smarter, less patience or lazier. But I see this as an opportunity for everyone. It isn't just about the cool devices and the hype, it's about what you can do with it. More important, it's about fast information, instant help and interacting with people regardless where you are geographically. Whether it be a bank, a TV network or a retail store, businesses have to prepare to respond quickly and to engage us in real-time or they can kiss us goodbye.

I do like the Borders recycle bags, I better grab a few before they become extinct.

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