19 June 2011

Weekend edition -- how many Joss Whedon's actors & actresses have you met; and Falling Skies

I am particular with the words I chose to describe something sometimes. But let's go to 'meet' this time. This doesn't apply to any touching or having a conversation with.

I went to a pop culture convention yesterday in Sydney called Supernova, this is the closest thing we have to the ComicCon in Australia. It's very famous for featuring many Joss Whedon's actors and actresses as guests in years. And when it's impossible to invite someone like Transformers' Shia LaBeouf, you get to meet the actress who played his mother in the movie! Surely you remember Judy Witwicky! No sarcasm here.

I am not a big enough fan to go to Supernova every year. Like this year, I don't know half the guests there, but I guess it's an experience which is certainly different from the Supernatural cons like those organised by Creation Entertainment. Supernatural cons are more family-orientated, fans are like a family in a way. With cons like Supernova, it features shows from Dr Who to Firefly; manga and animations; and I was sooooo under-dressed! Seriously!

My first Supernova experience dated back to 2009 when Jared Padelecki was invited. He came here by himself. I just wanted to see Jared and I had no idea about the Cosplay and all that crazy stuff. That was like an ultimate pop cultural shock to me! I know fans are passionate and they spent hours and thousands of dollars on their costumes but I was so traumatised (not in a bad way). I am so glad Supernatural has its own AHBL convention in Australia.

Anyway, Jewel Staite was also a guest that year, she was so soft-spoken! I had no idea what she was talking about, Firefly was an unknown to me back then. And then we have Eliza Dushku and Summer Glau last year. Amy Acker, James Marsters and Sean Maher were amongst the guests this year. I was on Twitter last night and I had this random thought about how many Joss Whedon's actors and actresses I have seen live over the last few years? So here is the list and the hot links of the blogs I posted previously:

Joss Whedon -- at the Opera House last year
Jewel Staite -- at Supernova
Eliza Dushku -- at Supernova pic & pic
Summer Glau -- at Supernova pic
Sean Maher -- at Supernova pic
Amy Acker -- at Supernova
Mark Sheppard -- at LA Con pic

That's actually a lot considering I didn't even try!

James Marsters wasn't on the list because I didn't actually see him in person. I don't know about you, but I would love to see Adam Baldwin next year in Australia. How about bring Yvonne Strahovski back to Sydney?

The exhibition was massive as usual. There were so many people! I saw this lady picked up a Harry Potter wand and waved it. Truth me, she was expecting magic to happen. I had a picture taken with an Iron Man yesterday, I swear he is RDJ's double especially his left side! And I took picture of Green Hornet's Black Beauty. It's no Impala, but it's good looking piece of plastic.

Not the Impala.

For SGA fan, David Nykl (aka Dr Zelenka) was there. He was so animated! He made some interesting points about web series being a great way to break into Hollywood, which I agree. Instead of the old way of getting your scripts to the networks or studios, if you can make the pilot and release it on web, you should do it! Like.. I am totally doing this. 

The most excited thing and the reason I went to this year's Supernova is because of the Falling Skies screening. I liked what I saw and this show has potentials. The Fox8 lady gave me chocolate. That's what I am talking about! When face-to-face PR is better than viral marketing! But seriously, not that I expect anything less specular from Steven Spielberg, but after the preview screening, I was ready for more. Noah Wyle, certainly looked interesting as the John Connor-like hero. To me, Falling Skies is a cross between Terminator, Battle: LA, Cloverfield, District 9 and Resident Evil. But why must aliens be so bad all the time in pop culture? Can we just all get along? With Lost, 24, Smallville gone and the end of Supernatural is inevitable, I am certainly fishing for more new shows to watch, Once Upon a Time and Falling Skies are the one to watch. 

On a completely different topic -- one superhero at a time. I am not excited (and don't care) about the one with the Green ring, but I am super-excited about Captain America and Harry Potter. I am sure Captain America will delivery and with Harry Potter, I am going to watch it in Gold Class. Why the hell not? And I am not the only to say this, but BRING IT Pottermore!!! 

So, how was your weekend? 

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