29 May 2011

Starting a 'Supernatural Wallpaper' Revolution

Have you ever been to a department store or an Apple store where you play with an iPad, iPhone or MacBook etc.. and before you leave you would change the wallpaper to something else? I do that all the time.

I was playing with the iPad 2 today while waiting for my lunch date. Before I left the store, I changed the wallpaper to this:

Let's do it. Let's start a revolution. Next time you go to a department store or something, change the iPad/ iPhone/ Macbook wallpaper to something Supernatural related! Tell the world! Come back with a photo! Follow me on Twitter @tiny_winchester 

I think this is better than Free Hug or SlutWalk.

1 comment:

  1. I will do it! show some SPN love to the world OwO
    I dont want to sound odd but what a SlutWalk is? and what is IMHO/IMOH I just cant find them in the dictionary... *embaresed*


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