20 June 2011

Supernatural season 6 DVD - official announcement

The official details are in and I went to the WBShop.com to dig out some details. Supernatural season six will include some of the most anticipated special features ever! I am going straight into special features when I receive my copy!! Stay tuned as I bring you my review of the special features :) You know I can't help it!
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Special features:

- Jensen Ackles: A Director’s Journey featurette
- Supernatural and the Quest for the Soul featurette
- Audio Commentary on Clap Your Hands If You Believe with EPs Robert Singer, Sera Gamble & Ben Edlund
- Audio Commentary on The French Mistake with EPs Robert Singer, Sera Gamble & Ben Edlund.
- The French Mistake Alternate Takes & Outtakes
- Gag Reel
- Easter Egg
- Two bonus episodes from Supernatural: The Anime Series -- All Hell Breaks Loose Parts 1 & 2

(The Comic Con Panel was part of the special feature in the season four DVD, but that's ok.. I'll live.) 


The prize: ending the Apocalypse. The price: Sam’s life. Season five’s horrific finale left Dean alone, as Sam descended into Hell. Now a different man, Dean vows to stop hunting and devote himself to building a family with Lisa and her son Ben. Then, mysteriously, Sam reappears, drawing Dean back into the old life. But Sam’s a different man too. He’s returned without his soul. How the Winchesters confront this greatest challenge yet to their powerful bond is the troubled heart – and soul – of the profound and thrilling 5-Disc, 22-Episode Season 6. As the brothers struggle to reunite, they must also battle deadly supernatural forces. Demons. Angels. Vampires. Shapeshifters. And a terrifying new foe called the Mother of All. 

Wait... there is more! The DVD will include five additional languages: Chinese, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Thai!

The DVD releases on September 13, 2011.

Source: WBShop.com


  1. AnonymousJune 22, 2011

    Sept 13 in Australia or USA? One place said they were going to bring it out (here in OZ) on, get this, OCT 26!!! I'm glad i pre ordered from Amazon... lol i ain't waiting that long! ~maz

  2. That's the US release date. I assume Amazon will shipping the DVD on that date :)

    Re Aust: EzyDVD website indicates Oct 26.

    Yeah, I have pre-ordered from Amazon. Faster and cheaper :)


  3. AnonymousJune 23, 2011

    LOL I know as if we're going to wait till OCT 26 pfft! woo hoo! can't wait! Thank you for your AWESOME blog, keep up the damn good work :) xx
    ~ maz


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