22 May 2011

Review: Supernatural Season Six Finale Double-Episodes

Yesterday was supposed to be the apocalypse. Some dude predicted it. Clearly he sucked. You know what else sucked? The hellatus is here. Usually I have something to carry on, something like an idea or theory. For the first time, I have zero clue about what might happen in season seven. NOTHING. I look like I have been petrified like a Harry Potter character.

If there is one word to describe the cliffhanger of the season six's finale, it's bizarre. Not necessary in a bad way, but did anyone see that coming at all? After all, it's Kripke we are talking about. This was the only time he came back this season and he'd gone completely outside the square with the character we love so much. I can only assume the decision was a collective one. Supernatural has done it again. Superman has gone bad -- Castiel has gone mental.

Sera Gamble managed to make Dean cry and wrap up the Lisa and Ben storyarc in 6.21 Let it Bleed. Sera was generous this time (at least for now), leave-the-civilians-alone has not been the style of Supernatural for the past six seasons. Dean has grown up. This isn't the season one Dean anymore. Jensen's performance in the goodbye scene was one to remember. On the other hand, in the season finale 6.22 The Man Who Knew Too Much, Eric Kripke managed to pull down Sam's wall, killed Balthazar, blew Raphael into pieces, smashed the Impala, divided the fandom even more with the Cas-gone-completely-mental cliffhanger.

S0.. two questions are already driving us crazy -- what's up with Cas and what's going to happen with Sam?

Castiel! Castiel! Castiel! To me, the first big shock was when I saw him killing Balthazar. I cannot believe he did that. That made me nervous. I mean.. seeing Cas killed his friend gave me the chill. This happened before he was supposed to go mental. Towards the end of the finale, Cas had tricked Crowley and Raphael; opened Purgatory; and sucked up each and every soul to become even more powerful than his archangel brothers. He claimed to be the new God. I think Cas is being delusional. If it was that easy to be God, I guess Lucifer would have thought of opening Purgatory. Season six had been Cas' journey in becoming Vader. But still, I did not see that ending coming at all. That would make Cas the new bad in season seven. We don't know the extend of how blind Cas will get and how bad things will turn out, but I don't think the new God will make the world a larger Disneyland.

I think (and I hope) two things will come to play: forgiveness and redemption. Forgiveness is something you have to earn, it would be too easy for Dean to forgive him in two seconds. This friendship means to much to Dean. I hope he doesn't give up on Cas. Sometimes, it's more than just saving people physically, it's also about saving people from their own darkness. Dean did it with Sam, he will do this again with Cas. Will the real God show Cas the way? Will there be an 'oh-I-am-an-idiot' moment? One thing for sure, the road for Cas is going to get darker and darker.

Sam's wall has crumbled, no thanks to Castiel. The dreamscape approach is always a challenging one. Great performance from Jared and it was a real treat for the fans -- a triple Sam action! Jared channelled the three Sams very well. I would've liked to see the after-effect a bit more after the 'hell soul' was back into Sam's body in this episode. I would've liked to see that as the cliffhanger rather than kneel-before-Zod.. I mean God. But that's just me, right? What does Sam remember from hell? How significant (if any) was Sam's memory from hell, having spent all these time with Michael and Lucifer? I think and I hope season seven will leverage from this. 

My theory (it's a bit early but I do have one): Who was the only supernatural entity claim to have the power to reap God? May be we will see the return of a Horseman.

PS** Please bring the Impala back.


  1. AnonymousMay 22, 2011

    Love your work Tiny, nicley wrapped up!! -Deanie_24

  2. Yup. It was a doozy of a cliff hanger but I liked it. After the initial shock wore off and I could close my mouth again that is. I always like the investigation of the dark side, it gives characters depth. I've enjoyed seeing Castiel fall this season, becoming conflicted and confused. It's given the character more meat on his bones and given Misha something to really get his teeth into. Though I will miss the nerd angel.... I believe 100% that Supernatural is about forgiveness and redemption and I have never seen the Winchesters give up on someone they love yet. It will take some time but they will try and find away to bring Cas back down to earth so to speak. That's what I think is going to happen. Though how he affects their world will be really interesting. I also hope we see some more of Sam's wall, I felt that was a little glossed over though I liked the way the inside the mind stuff worked. I'm hoping that 7 picks up exactly where 6 left off and I'm hoping someone calls a tow-truck and gets that Impala back to Bobby's for some urgent TLC.
    Nice review as always Tiny. 4 months of hellatus....I feel some rewatches coming on :)

  3. "If you ever mention Lisa or Ben to me again I will break your nose" I reckon a lot of fans agreed with that :P Perfect ending to that story line. I would feel a little cheated if they killed them. Or killed Lisa and sent Ben off to Hogwarts... Wait Hogwarts?

    I dont like this godly Cas... well actually yeah I do. I would pray to him. But I do hope they can somehow save him. Maybe he and Chuck will have a face off and then after the face off they will go watch Love and other Drugs

  4. Damn Tiny, before I say my opinion I must say that you are have the best reviews ever! It like something any fan should do after SPN eps is to read your reviews.
    Death be back in season 7 ha? nice theory I didnt thougt about it...
    Cas just killed me in that ep... I mean you stubed Baltazhar!? you say you are God?! a BETTER one?! got plans for demoms?! wtf!?
    what you said about Cas being Vader is so true...

    I have a question for you; remember Chuck? the one that wrote the SPN books in season 5 and then vanished? many people say that this was God, the REAL God... what do you think about it?

    Mor (your new fan ;)

  5. Hi Mor.. thank you for the kind comment :)

    I love Chuck. To me, I think he is either the real God or the vessel of God. I think the real one is out there in the story. If opening Purgatory and suck up all the souls made one a God, then it'd be too easy. So I think all the souls just got into Cas' head. And so I think it's only 'supernatural' to bring Chuck/ the real God back into the story.

    But that's just what I think, at least for now :)

    Thanks for reading & comment. Hope you see you again soon. Tell your friends :)


  6. Hi Tiny!
    Thanks for your answer, I am telling my friends but there is not so many SPN lovers in Israel unfortuntly.. nor a good English speakers (maybe that why it is writen מור said... its my name Mor in Hebrew).

    I really love your site so maybe ill make it more popular by recomand it on u tube, many SPN lovers are in there XD)

    I got a theory about season 7 tell me what you think..
    what if God will come back in the begining of the season and will take all Castiel powers including the angelic one- then Cas will become what Dean saw at season 5 by Zachria: futur!Cas, and Detroit will happen!!! reamember what the Devil said: "no matter what you will do you will always end up here".


    Love, and starting to make your web famous,

  7. Hi Mor, great to see you here again. Btw, if you're on Twitter, you can find me there @tiny_winchester I am also on YouTube too by the same name.

    I like your theory. I think it would make sense to have Chuck/ God to come back to season 7. I thought about the Cas in 'The End' too. That's fun!

    I also had a theory that perhaps what we saw at the end of 6.22 wasn't really Cas. What if the real Cas got trapped in Purgatory (he could be the only one there..), and what we saw was the fake Cas? I don't know.. I can't wait to hear about more season 7 news!!!

    Take care Mor

    Tiny :)

  8. Oh My God! Tiny, "not real Cas" thats so incredibly awesome! You should consider suggesting your self for SPN writers! that can fix every thing!

    SPN fan girls rule! I do have a twitter so Ill follow you :) and on utube I enter only in my smartphone so I cant find viders only vids- can you link me your profile as a comment here or a spesific name of vid you uploaded so I can subscribe you.

    Mor :)


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