01 May 2011

Review: Supernatural 6.19 Jefferson Starship

Team Free Will take care of their tummy before they go after the Starships.

I am one of those people who would turn on the TV or iPod the moment I get home, wake up or work. There is no exception when I write. Right now, I have Everyone Plays the Fool looping on my iTune. To me, this is the Crowley's theme. Don't you agree?
"Everybody plays the fool sometime. There's no exception to the rule. Listen, baby, it may be factual, may be cruel, I ain't lyin', everybody plays the fool."
Everybody plays a fool including Castiel. I am going to say this upfront. Cas is screwed. The soldier in Cas is telling him to do whatever it takes to fight and protect his home (Heaven) from the old school Archangel Raphael. The human in Cas is telling him it's wrong to go back-door and work with a demon. That's why he is feeling guilty. Chuck gave Cas a job and I am sure he is a little disappointed right now.

The thing about Cas is that he is not supposed to be in charge. He is not ambitious and cruel like Michael or Raphael or Uriel or Zach. To be in charge of the army of Heaven, you have to be cruel. It's not about feelings, it's about making those brutal business decisions. For Cas (the most friendly angel we know) to be in that commender position, it's bigger than him.

"I am Iron Man."

I think Cas wanted to do the right things so badly he made a wrong step. I love Cas, because he is no Michael or Raphael or Uriel or Zach, because he is different, because there is something human about him. I know we are supposed to find out if Cas will admit he is working with Crowley in next week's episode, but I think I am 75.5% sure he has been working with Crowley the whole time. Like I said last week, Cas is scared, he is scaring himself and he is scaring me. Will Dean (who is supposed to be his best friend) forgive him? Will I (and other minions) forgive him? I will, because I cannot not forgive him. 

Crowley isn't dead. I can't say I am surprised. In fact, I am very happy that he is not dead. I love Mark Sheppard. I love him and I seriously do not mind he is not dead and still in the game. I think because I am not done with Crowley (that sounds slightly dirty), I am ready to see more. The thing about Crowley is that he is a very persuasive business demon. He is not like YED or Alastair, Crowley loves to play games and he plays them smart. He is very patient, he doesn't mind waiting for the right moment to strike. What's the hurry? He has more than a life time to carry out his plan. He is happy to see everyone fights against each other -- angels, demons, whatever -- he is leveraging their failures; their wars and loses are Crowley's opportunities.

How will things play out? I have no idea! But know this: Cas is screwed. Crowley is winning so far. Dean and Sam are stuck in the middle and about to get very very angry (especially Dean); and Bobby is going to love his iPad. 

So, onto our review.. oh wait what.. that wasn't it? I have more to say? You betcha! Just a few more things..

I love this episode slightly more than Frontierland because of the Team Free Will dynamic and Cas! When was the last time we saw Team Free Will work on a job together like this? Lucifer Rising? I know Cas has been in and out this season, but when he is on, he is on for like a few minutes only. But this episode highlights the fact that I MISS CAS SO MUCH! I love Misha! Cas is so funny to watch, I love the classic Cas humors. I love his chemistry with Dean. I love how Dean hurts his feeling and Cas is acting like a baby! LOL!

I love Sam in this episode. I love it when Sam is acting exactly like a little brother. I know he is an overgrown man, but it's the brotherly moment I love. Sam didn't want to hurt Dean's feelings so he didn't tell him how he felt about Cas. And the scene in the car when Dean and Sam took the boys to their Uncle was awesome.

I love how Dean could always find the gap to be funny even in the worst situation -- Jefferson Starship! And I love how Sam accepted his brother's weird sense of humor and had no problems calling the hybrid monsters Starships. I think that was awesome!!! Very awesome!! Adam Glass might have just invented a whole new adjective for all things 'horrible and hard to kill'.

Starship! Starship! The Mother of all Starships!

Mother is.. well.. at least the actress who played Eve is gone I hope. Sorry, but Julia Maxwell is the Starship of this season. Should I explain? Ok, I'll explain. Supernatural is usually very very good when it comes to casting the right talents for the right roles. Julia Maxwell just didn't nail the role. Look at Katherine Boecher as Lilith, she always nailed her performance whenever she was on the show. May be the producers know Julia wasn't strong enough as an actress to be in the scene with Dean and Sam in the diner, so it was an opportunity to bring in a stronger performer, Samantha Smith, to play the role. And my God, she lighted up the scree and nailed the role the moment she came on! Well done Samantha! 

One shell of Phoenix ash, one ounce of Whiskey. AdiĆ³s BITCH!

Dean! Dean! Dean! Dean is the man! Dean is so smart! Dean can always pull something out of the hat! Dean IS the element of surprise. Oh dear God, I love Dean so much!!!

The bar is set so high, Bobby would want an iPad 3.

Bobby: "I asked for a computer."
Sam: "It is a computer."
Bobby: "No, a computer has buttons."

Hands down! Mommy Dearest could arguably be my favourite episode this season because of the bloody iPad! And OMG, I am like the biggest fangirl of iPad. Can you imagine how happy I was when I saw Bobby using the iPad?

Next week is a Castiel centric episode. I know I am going to love this. 6.20 The Man Who Would Be King is written and directed by my hero Ben Edlund. The other day I was watching his Firefly episode, Jaynestown. Ben Edlund has a weird talent of songwriting. If anyone who could write a good musical episode for Supernatural, let that person be Ben Edlund!!


  1. Lovely write up Tiny. I agree, Cas is screwed. I know he'll be redeemed but I'm very worried about how that will happen and what that means. I'm very worried about how Dean is going to react to this betrayal that has been going on for a very, very long time, I'm worried about both his anger and his heart. I love Crowley, as you know I never believed him dead and always thought he'd end up being being the big bad, but I didn't think Cas would be...well not initially. Ouchies our hearts are breaking. Interesting thought on Eve, she was hugely anti-climatic even for a red herring. Sam Smith was rocking though and way to hurt Dean more, make his mum bite him! But as you say, DEAN, DEAN, DEAN is the man!! He's so awesome how can he be real...oh wait.
    Ben Edlund next week Tiny...BEN EDLUND!!!

  2. I think Cas will pull it together. After all he wouldnt be the first one out of Team Freewill to team up with a demon.

  3. Very true Kablamo! They've also all made rather questionable judgement calls so he's in good company!


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